Yummy Kobe Steaks

Preparing Kobe steaks at home is cheaper.

Kobe steak can be cooked the same manner as a regular steak and is especially good on the griller.

Remember over cooking the steak will change not only the tender texture but also take away the unique flavour that the prized Kobe style beef.


Thaw the steaks half an hour before cooking time and leave it to room temperature.


Just pepper the meat before cooking and only add salt after cooking.


Heat the pan to moderate heat as the meat is very delicate and the fats melt very fast.

Add a little oil to the steaks, grill the meat on both sides to a good colour and take the meat off from the direct heat.

Allow the heat slowly get into the meat. Should be done within 3 to 5 minutes depending on the thickness.


Its been to cook the steaks rare to medium rare.

Let the steak rest for a few minutes before serving.

Simple and yummy.



The bright white fat marbled throughout makes a stark contrast to the deep and vibrant red of the muscle.

The texture of Kobe beef is soft and tender and both the fat and the meat are extremely flavorful.

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Baby Bitter gourds with Eggs

Choose bitter gourds that are thick and nice and free from dents and bruises.
Preferably chose those that are greenish yellow in color as they will not be too bitter.
Remove both tips of the bitter gourd and cut into half lengthwise.
Scrape out as much seeds and piths with a metal spoon.
Cut into thin slices and put them into a big bowl.
To remove the bitterness from the bitter gourds, add one tablespoon of salt into a bowl of water and soak the slices for about half an hour.
Remove and drain.
In a non stick frying pan, add minced garlic and fry the bitter gourd under medium heat till softened.
Mixed the beaten eggs and pinch of salt together in a bowl.
Pour the eggs over the bitter gourd and allow to cook for about 2 to 3 minutes.
Served with diced fresh red chillies.
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Detox with Carrot Soup

Organic satin white carrots has an unique crisp texture with a juicy flavour.

So do not judge  a book by its cover.

The skin may not look but likes those more daikons.

Do you know these white carrots have cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Do not discard the leaves,  chopped into small pieces and add to the soup as well.



Peel the white carrots and cut into chunks.


Parboil the Kurobuta soft bone pork in a pot of boiling water to remove impurities.

Remove, rinse and set aside.

Add all the ingredients including two dried cuttlefish and dried scallops  into a pot with sufficient water to cover all the ingredients and bring to a boil.

Simmer  over low heat for about an hour until the soft pork bones are tender.

Season with salt to taste.


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Herbal Rice

One dish rice with all the flavourful ingredients without overpowering the mixture.

This traditional Malay herbal rice (Nasi Ulam) and in the Peranakan culture is normally served at special occasions such as birthdays and Chinese Lunar New Year.

During my late grandma days, Ikan Selar (Yellow Tail Scad) is used to prepare this dish and I dislike the tiny bones in this fish.

I discovered using Leather Jacket is the best. Fleshy meat and less bones.


Cooked rice (overnight rice).

I used pandan Basmati rice which is even more flavourful.


Pan fried the Leatherjacket fish until nicely browned.

Leave it to cool and debone and flake the fish.


Inorder not to overpower the herbal combination, I used only chopped mint leaves, lemongrass (outer layer peeled)   and turmeric flower.


In a large mixing bowl add the ingredients together with salt to taste.


Served warm.

Garnished with a generous amount of deep fried shallots.


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Moringa Tempura

20171020_155259_resizedMoringa oleifera is a plant that has been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years.

It is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds.

Moringa, sometimes described as the “miracle tree,” “drumstick tree,” or “horseradish tree,” has small, rounded leaves that are packed with an incredible amount of nutrition such  protein, calcium, beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium etc.0

Have you tired cooking Moringa in tempura batter?


Wash the moringa leaves and pat dry.

Marinate with a pinch of salt and dip the leaves into tempura batter.

Deep fry until nicely brown and crispy.

Serve immediately.


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Mini hand held food chopper




To prepare the buttered salted egg yolk crayfish, I use this mini hand held food chopper.

Not only is this mini handheld food chopper with three blades used to blend spices, it  is also good for blending small quantity of salted egg mixture.





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Crispy Baby Squids in honey sauce



This is one of my family favourite seafood and a “must order” menu when we dine at the seafood restaurant.

The flavourful bite sized whole baby squids in every mouthful coated with chilli sauce.

Simple and yet a delectable dish.

I was very lucky to find these fresh baby squids from the local market.


1 kg fresh baby squids

1 cup rice flour

Salt and pepper

Chilli sauce, honey, superior dark soy sauce.


Rinse the baby squids and leave in the colander to dry.

Pat with paper hand towel.

Roast the baby squids in the oven until cooked.


Set aside to dry.

The drier the baby squid, the crispier when deep fried later.

Season with salt and pepper and mixed well.

Coat the baby squid with rice flour.

Heat oil with cooking oil and deep fry the baby squid until golden brown and crispy.



Drain with paper hand towel and set aside

Now prepare the chilli sauce in a small pot, adding chilli sauce, water, honey, superior dark soy sauce to your desired taste and quantity.

Reduce until the sauce thickened.

Add deep fried baby squid and tossed evenly.


Served immediately.


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