Kueh Pie Tee

Kueh Pie Tee

Some may wonder what is “Kueh Pie Tee”.
This is a thin and crispy pastry tart shell filled with shredded vegetables and steamed prawns. A popular Peranakan dish.

Ingredients for preparing Pie Tee moulds

50g plain flour
Half egg
50g rice flour
100 ml of water
Salt and pepper to taste
Oil for deep frying
Kueh Pie Tee mould

Fillings for Kueh Pie Tee

2 wholesome medium size turnips (shredded)
2 medium size carrots (shredded)
Half kilo fresh small prawns (steamed, deshelled and cut into halves)
2 tablespoons of minced garlic
1 tablespoon Taucheo (soya bean paste)

Method for Preparation for Pie Tee moulds

Sift plain and rice flour together in a bowl.
Mix in beaten egg, gradually adding water to make into a smooth batter.
Heat oil in deep frying pan.
Heat Pie Tee mould in oil. When hot remove mould and dip them in batter.
Place mould in oil until the pie tee shell become golden brown and drop from mould.
Remove and drain on paper towel.
When slightly cool, place in airtight plastic containers (Lock and Lock) keeping lid tight inorder to maintain the crispiness of the pie tee shells.

Method for Preparing the Fillings for Kueh Pie Tee

Heat up wok and add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil.
When heated, add minced garlic and fry till fragrant.
Add the taucheo (soya bean paste) and fry altogether.
Followed by the shredded turnips and carrots.
Add salt and pepper to the mix and cooked until vegetables are soft.
Set aside until required.
Topping for Kueh Pie Tee
Steamed Half Prawns
Thinly shredded egg omelette
Garnish with cilantro leaves
Last but not least, the chilli sauce. You can make your own chilli sauce or get the ready made chilli sauce off the counter.

Dainty little cups
Dainty little cups


This is the simplest method of preparing the pie tee ingredients.
With regards to the pie tee moulds, I do not take the trouble to make these moulds, I just get the ready made ones from selected wet markets or supermarkets.
One of the “must have” breakfast menu for Chinese New Year.



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