Lotus Seeds Dessert (Lien Chee Suan)

Lotus Seeds Dessert (Lien Chee Suan)


2 packets of lotus seeds
5 rice bowls of water
4 knotted screwpine leaves (pandan leaf)
2 pieces of sugarcane sugar
3 tablespoons of Superior Potato Flour
3 tablespoons of water


Heat a non-stick pot and caramalized 2 long pieces of sugarcane sugar until it turns light brown.
Remove from heat immediately or it will turn bitter.
Add the rest of the sugar, water, screwpine leaves and lotus seeds and bring to the boil.
Dissolve sweet potato flour in 3 tablespoons of water and add to the pan.
When the mixture thickens, remove from heat.
You can serve this dessert hot or cold.


The trick about preparing this dessert is the balancing of the sweetness with sugarcane sugar and the consistency of having to stir the mixture well so that it does not coagulate.

If you need to reheat, add some water and stir slowly into a paste.


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