Whip Up Japanese cuisine at home – Chawanmushi

Whip Up Japanese cuisine at home - Chawanmushi


One piece of fresh Chicken breast meat
Pinch of sea salt
3 eggs beaten lightly
One and half tablespoons of miso paste
Eight pieces of fresh medium size prawns
8 pieces of fresh gingko nuts
2 fresh Shiitake mushrooms (stem removed and finely sliced)
2 stalks of spring onions cut lengthwise

For stock or dashi:

One and half tablespoons of miso paste.
Mixed miso paste with one bowl of water and stir till paste dissolve in water.


Marinate chicken with a dash of pepper and salt for 10 minutes.

To minimize bubbles, do not beat eggs but gently stir with a pair of chopsticks.
Lightly mix together eggs, salt and stock.
Strain mixture using a fine sieve so the egg custard will have a silky smooth texture without bubbles after steaming.

Divide the diced chicken, prawns, gingko nuts, shiitake mushrooms equally and place them neatly and attractively in 4 heatproof or flameproof porcelain bowls.

Try to pour the egg mixture without creating bubbles.
Gently pour an equal portion of egg mixture into each cup or bowl, then topped with a lengthwise spring onion stalk.

Arrange some ingredients on top making sure they “peek out”.
Cover the cups with the lids.

Steam over high heat for about one minute and then reduce heat to low and steam for about 10 minutes until egg mixture is set.
Remove from the steamer and serve hot.




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