Have you wondered who invented “Yu Sheng” or Raw Fish?

Credit goes to the comprehensive writeup about the “Four Heavenly Culinary Kings” and the owner and photographer of the attached photo.


Yu Sheng was introduced in Singapore by the Four Heavenly Culinary Kings . Master Chef Sin Leong, Master Chef Hooi Kok Wai and the late Chef Tham Yui Kai and Lay Yoke Pui some half century ago in the 1960s.

Yu Sheng was inspired by the Cantonese custom of consuming raw fish strips during the Lunar New Year.

Served as part of multi-dish dinner usually as an appetizer with its symbolism of “good luck”.

In practice Yu Sheng may be eaten during the fifteen days of the Lunar New Year.

In the early years, Yu Sheng was served with thinly sliced Ikan Parang now substituted with the most popular salmon.

Nowadays new ingredients are added with weaved symbolic meaning into the dish and its presentation.

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