Hai Chang Fishhead Steamboat

Hai Chang Fishhead Steamboat

Its worth the wait for great tasting food.

Having to wait at least more than an hour especially during Sundays is not unusual at Hai Chang Fishhead Steamboat located at Tampines Round Market Blk. 137A Tampines St. 11 .


Hai Chang still serve diners with the old fashion charcoal fired steamboat pots. Their ala carte menu includes braised pig’s trotters and prawn rolls but these dishes are not hot favourite. At each table you can find a traditional charcoal steamboat which is the hot favourite of every diner. The only difference in their steamboat is solely the choice of fish selected for their own pot.

We normally visit this stall for the Sliced Promfret Steamboat currently priced at S$40.00.

There are other variety of fishes available such as Garoupa and Sea Bream for the steamboat orders.

The fresh sliced Promfret are served separately. The owner of the stall import fresh fish directly from Surabaya (Indonesia). Each piece of the sliced promfret was smooth and rich flavoured with an alluring taste.

Hai Chang uses a long pump to spike up the charcoal fire instead of traditional fanning which is more efficient and expedite the process of charcoal fire.

Yummy an awesome dinner with lots of fishy goodness served in a charcoal steamboat.

The ingredients found in the fish steamboat include bite sizes of fish head and other parts of the Promfret after deboning the fish. Lengthwise fried sliced taro, medium sized sliced ginger pieces, slices of long cabbage and deep fried seaweeds.

The predominant flavour of the soups comes from solefish (Ti Poh) a classic Teochew style of cooking. These fried solefish are not overwhelming and balanced well adding flavours to the steamboat broth.

The good combination of ingredients makes the broth very flavourful and rich.

By using traditional charcoal fire not only maintain the temperature of the soup but also the fish meat and other ingredients as well. We only need to run the fish slices swish swash through the simmering broth for more than a minute and its done.

This superior broth used are combination of pigs big bone, old chicken and chicken bones which are boiled over several hours to ensure the rich aroma taste.

The sweetness of the long cabbage added taste to the broth. The yam slices were fragrant and soft but not mashy.

This stall is one of the very few makan stalls open at night at this round market and packed with crowds every night.

This stall is opened every evening from around 6 pm to 9.45 pm and closed every Monday.

Our family favourite hangout for sliced Promfret Steamboat.

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