Ika Maruyaki (Panfried Squid with Home Made Teriyaki Sauce)



Pan Fry Squids


Squids can be panfried quickly to tender perfection.

First method:

Cook squid fast over high heat

Second method:

Slow cooked squid to achieve tenderness
Anything between results will cause the squid to be chewy.


First experience tasting “Ika Maruyaki” at Mount Fuji



Two large Squid (Sotong) cleaned and give a few cuts on the flesh without having to cut through.

Home Prepared Teriyaki Sauce:

Half cup of Superior Light Soya Sauce

Quarter cup of water

1 tablespoon Sherry Cooking Wine

2 teaspoon of Gula Melaka or raw sugar

2 tablespoon honey

2 teaspoon minced garlic

1 teaspoon minced ginger

1 tablespoon Mirin

Combine all the ingredients into a non stick sauce pan over medium heat until sugar dissolved.

For glazing, add one tablespoon of cornflour and one tablespoon water.

Simmer until thickened.


You can adjust the sauce combination to your own likeness.

Method for cooking the Squids

Use either a Happy Call Pan or non stick pan to pan fry the squids.

Marinade the squids 10 minutes before cooking time with the sauce.

Set aside.

Heat pan either on high heat or low heat to pan fry the squid.

As you cook, brush over the marinade by adding slowly a little at a time till the squid is fully cooked.

When done, transfer the cooked squids to a chopping board and cut into small pieces and serve while hot.


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