Spanish Mackerel Fish Porridge

You will never get bored with this  refreshing  Fish Porridge!


Some folks believed that fish soup is served to those who are unwell.

With this mentality , creating  an  impression of  fish porridge being usually bland and boring.


Our family favourite sliced Spanish Mackerel aka locally as Batang Fish porridge.

The fish with great source of protein, vitamins A, B and D, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids.


These Batavia lettuces are grown year round and sources of Vitamins A, C and other nutrients. A mild flavour and crisp texture.

Cherry tomatoes are miniature versions of traditional beefsteak tomatoes and equally as nutritious. A cup of sweet cherry tomatoes provides  1.3 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of fiber and 20 milligrams of vitamin C.


Fresh slices Spanish Mackerel (Batang Fish)

Imperial Batavia Lettuces

Honey Cherry Tomatoes

Home prepared fish broth (using Red Garoupa fish bones)


Sea Salt and grounded pepper to taste

Fried shallots

Cooked rice


Wash lettuce just before cooking by running cold water over the leaves and immersing them in a big bowl of cold water for a few minutes. This will help to loosen sand and dirt if any.

Leave them in the colander to dry.

Quick rinse the honey cherry tomatoes and slice into half.

Marinate the fish slices with some sea salt, grounded pepper and a little cornflour.

In a saucepan, add some cooked rice and home prepared fish broth and bring to a boil.

Add the marinated fish slices.

When the fish is cooked,  add a few pieces of  lettuces and honey cherry tomatoes to cook for  short while.

Pour the fish porridge into a  bowl.

Serve hot and garnished with fried shallots.



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