Air Fry – Crispy Chicken Crackers


The best part of any fried chicken is none other than the skin.

Yes  its the crispy, fatty, succulent skin is by far the most appealing part.

Lately, chicken skin are served as appetizer in some restaurants or even happy hour menu which is indeed hard to resist.

All you need to prepare is to get provide some seasoning to enhance the flavour of the chicken skin.


Wash the chicken skin and leave it in the colander to dry.

Marinate the raw chicken skin with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and garlic powder.

Drizzle a little superior dark soy sauce over the skin for browning effect. (optional)

Set aside for about an hour at room temperature.

Heat Mimch 360 Air Fryer for five minutes to warm up.

Place the marinated chicken skins on the gill basket and air fry for 40 minutes.

Lay the chicken skin with the fat side down.

Flip the chicken skin once at half time.

Slowly the skin will turn brown and crisp letting the fat to render.

You will notice the amount of chicken fats (oil) at the base of the airfryer.

Once the skin is beautifully browned and crisp to your likeness, remove from the airfryer and leave them on paper hand towel to drain the excess oil.

You will need a few pieces of paper hand towel to complete the process.

Leave the air fried chicken skins to cool.

The skin gets crispy when it becomes dry.

Enjoy these crispy chicken skins with your own favourite dressing.

Served as a good Appetizer and goes well with beer or even mocktails.


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