Smoked Duck with Caramelized Walnuts


One piece of frozen smoked duck breast

Half packet of organically grown fresh pea sprouts

One cup of caramelized walnuts

(Check out here, how to prepare the caramelized walnuts,


Thaw the smoked duck and pan fry for while.


Do not discard the smoked duck fat oil.

Quick fry the pea sprouts with the remaining oil.

This will enhance the flavour of the pea sprouts.

Sliced the smoked duck breast thinly.

Wash and pat dry the pea sprouts and set aside.

Arrange the pea sprouts on the plate, followed by a  few sliced of the cooked smoked duck breast.

Add some caramelized walnuts at the side to complement the salad.

Close view of the sliced smoked duck breast with pea sprouts and caramelized walnuts.

You don’t need any sauce to go with this salad.

You have the slight salty flavour from the smoked duck breast, the duck fats that infused into the pea sprouts and the sweetness from the caramelized walnuts.


Check out this link for more smoked duck recipes.


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