Whip Up Home Made Coleslaw


Coleslaw makes a great side dish to go along with deep fried chicken wings and grilled prawns.

Its easy to prepare and can be refrigerated prior to serving.

Its pretty basic mixing the dressing up and combination the cabbage and carrot together.


1 medium round cabbage

1 medium carrot

1 medium sweet onion

5 tablespoons Miracle Whip

2 tablespoons cooking oil

1 tablespoon Apple Vinegar

3 tablespoons coarse sugar

Half teaspoon sea salt


In a mixing bowl, combine the shredded cabbage  and thinly sliced sweet onion.

Next add the shredded carrots.

In a medium mixing bowl whisk together the salad dressing, cooking oil, sugar, vinegar and salt.

Pour the salad dressing over the cabbage mixture and toss to coat.

Chill at least two hours before serving.

I have used a round Air Tight Lock and Lock container to store the coleslaw.


For more salad ideas, click here https://flofoodventure.wordpress.com/2014/03/05/salads/


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