Salmon Garlic Fried Rice


2 thick fresh Salmon fillet


Few stalks of celery (diced)

One large carrot (chopped)

scrambled eggs

2 tablespoons minced dried shrimps (Hay Bee)

Sesame oil

Superior Light Soy Sauce

Superior Dark Soy Sauce

A pot of cooked rice (preferably Japanese rice)

2 tablespoons minced garlic


Heat a little bit of cooking oil in pan over medium fire and add the salmon fillets.

Pan fried salmon fillets until nicely browned.

Set aside to cool and flake them with a fork.

Drain the salmon oil collected from the pan in a small bowl.

You can use the same frying pan to cook the fried rice.

Heat pan again over medium low fire and fry the dried shrimps and minced garlic together until fragrant.

Add the diced celery and carrots.

Mixed well.

Add the pot of cooked rice and drizzle with some sesame cooking oil..

Once the ingredients are well incorporated add the scrambled eggs and give a good stir.

Transfer the Garlic Fried Rice into the rice cooker to keep warm.

Before serving, pour the salmon oil into the rice cooker and mix well with the garlic fried rice.

In a serving plate, scoop the garlic fried rice and add your desired amount of flaky  pan fried salmon and serve.

I have garnished the Salmon Garlic Fried Rice with some lettuces.

You can also garnish with some fried shallots before serving.


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