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Braised Sea Cucumber

Introduction: Sea Cucumber is one of the Big Four ingredients for Chinese delicacy cuisine. The other three being abalone, shark fins and fish maw. Ingredients: 4 medium size dried Sea Cucumber (soaked and cleaned) 2 medium size carrots (sliced 2 … Continue reading

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Chinese Leeks with Bee Hoon

Introduction: Since its Chinese New Year, I have decided to add the Chinese leek into my Bee Hoon dish. This is a meatless dish with mixture of dried sweet bean curd sheets, black fungus and carrots. Known commonly as Da Suan. … Continue reading

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Premium Abalone with Ee Fu Noodles

Introduction: Aside from tossing Yu Sheng (Raw Fish) on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year also known as “Everyone’s Birthday,”  it’s often a day  to eat noodles, which symbolized longevity. Ingredients: One can whole Abalone One packet Ee … Continue reading

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Pineapple Rice with a Twist

Ingredients: 2 cups cooked rice (one cup Brown Rice and one cup white rice) Quarter fresh pineapple (cut into small cubes) A bowl of fresh sea medium size prawns (chopped) One medium size Japanese sweet onion (chopped) 2 boiled Salted … Continue reading

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Steamed White Spotted Rabbitfish

Introduction: Rabbitfish aka Pei Tor. The Chinese believed that eating this fish will bring good luck and prosperity during the New Year. During the breeding season around Chinese New Year, these rabbitfishes are much bigger and comes with roes. The … Continue reading

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Medicinal Benefits with Pig Stomach Soup

Introduction: Peppery Hot Pig Stomach soup not only helps to stimulate your appetite but also nourishes the kidney and reduced water retention. The Pig Stomach aka Pork Tripe contains protein that will strengthen the body, spleen and stomach. With added … Continue reading

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Braised Shark Fin Soup in Superior Broth

Introduction: Shark fin soup is a traditional Chinese delicacy associated with prosperity, honor and good fortune is served at important occasions such as corporate banquets, weddings, and New Years celebrations. Ingredients: A packet of good quality Shark Fins Concentrated home … Continue reading

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