Roll Out these Meat Rolls


The main ingredient for these meat rolls is the quality prawns used.

Locally called as “Sua Lor” aka Sand Prawns known for their strong prawny flavour, tender texture, tasty and crunchy.

These prawns are known as Sua Lor in Hokkien which means “Sand Hut” due to the fact that these prawns usually burrow themselves in the sand.

Though the shells are rough and thick, I usually shelled before using because the head of the prawn turns black quickly. Due to the presence of melanosis especially those sold in our wet markets where chemical preservatives are not used to prolong shelf life.


One kilo fresh minced pork

One and half kilo fresh Sua Lor prawns (de shelled, deveined and chopped)


2 medium size carrots (chopped)

Few stalks of scallions (chopped)

10 – 12 fresh water chestnuts (chopped)

3 sheets of beancurd skin

2 beaten eggs

salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon sesame oil

2 tablespoon corn flour


Put all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Blend all the ingredients together with the seasonings in one direction until everything is well combined and slightly gluey.

Cut the beancurd skin into 8 inches by 5 inches rectangular sheet. Set aside.

With a damp clean cloth, gently wipe each piece of beancurd skin before wrapping to take away the saltiness on the skin.

Place two to three tablespoons of filling in the centre of the beancurd skin,

You can apply some corn flour water to secure the edges.

Using your fingers, press lightly and flatten the filling so that the spread is even in thickness and will cook evenly during deep frying.

Repeat the steps until all the filling are used up.

With the above ingredients, I was able to prepare 18 meat rolls.

Over medium low fire, deep fry the rolls to golden brown.

Drain on paper hand towel.

Cut the meat rolls into bite size pieces.

Most of the time, I would serve these meat rolls with Chinese lettuces.


Here are a couple of other roll dishes.


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