Deep Fried Crispy Garoupa Fish


To achieve a thorough crispy fish takes skill.

Practising is the key when it comes to cooking.

In order to get the crisp from head, body, fins and tail by frying the unskinned fish in plenty of hot oil for longer period so that it is not only cooked through but still moist with juices inside the flesh and still completely dry outside.  Resulting the crispy fish being light, not soggy and oily and at the same time does not lose its crispiness soon after it comes out from the oil.

Oil has to be heated at high temperature so that it sears the outside of the fish and does not penetrate through the fish and yields cooked meat more fluffy rather than dense and compacted.


One medium size fresh Garoupa


Clean fish and cut butterfly style.

Rub salt over the fish and coat the fish thoroughly inside out with a thin layer of flour.

Fill a wok about half full with cooking oil, or enough to submerge at least two thirds of the length of the fish and heat over high heat until its is smoking hot.

Hold the fish by the tail and gently slide it into the oil by letting go along the side of the wok as close to its surface as possible so that the oil will not splash up to your hand.

You may need to tilt the wok from side to side so that the fish head and tail get submerged and crisped along with the mid section of the fish.

When the first side of the fish is well browned, well crisped and dried through, nudge the wok spatula under the fish from its top edge and gently roll it over on its belly, taking care not to break any fins. Now fry the second side the same way until it is brown and crispy as the first side.

Remove the oil and drain.

Here is the top part of the fish looking so crispy and oil free.

Here’s the other side of the Garoupa fish looking just as crispy and dry but still moist inside.

Place fish in the serving plate.

You can prepare your own gravy to complement the Deep Fried Crispy Garoupa.

I have added mixed vegetables such as diced carrots, corns and green peas with sliced yellow onion in tomato sauce.

The fish is so crispy that you can even eat the bones without realizing it.


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