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Crispy Sea Bass with Red Wine Garlic Sauce

Introduction: Using your own distinctive concept and lead the taste than just following recipe. Instead of steaming Sea Bass, I have chose to use Red Wine in Garlic Sauce to complement the crispy fish. Butterfly the Sea Bass Sauce Preparation: … Continue reading

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Ideas on What you can do with Smoked Duck and Braised Duck

Introduction: Smoked Duck Sliced smoked duck with noodles.  Garnished with shredded lettuces. Recommendation: Here are many dishes I have cooked using smoked duck as the key ingredient. Home prepared Braised Duck Noodles with Braised Duck Meat with gravy from … Continue reading

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Air Fried Gochujang Pork Belly Slices

Introduction: Jeyuk Bokkeum is one  my family favourite  Korean meat dish. In Korean “Jeyuk” means “pork” and “Bokkeum” means “Stir fry” Instead of using the store bought Spicy Chilli Pepper Paste aka GoChujang, I made my own marinade with the spiciness … Continue reading

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Grass Jelly with Mango and Sago Dessert

Introduction: Grass jelly is a jiggly Asian dessert that has a shiny black or dark green appearance. It takes several hours of boiling the dried herb down into gelatinous and gummy substance. The mixture is strained and then kneaded with … Continue reading

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Tangy Taste Red Snapper Fillet

Introduction: What would be more appetizing than the tangy caramelized sweet yellow onions to go with this steamed Red Snapper Fillet. Sharp flavoured, sour, spicy combination. Ingredients: 1 large fresh Red Snapper fillet Handful of dried red chillies (soaked) 2 … Continue reading

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If You Like Pizza Drumlets, You Will Enjoy These

Introduction: I happened to taste a piece of these drumlets at one of our local supermarket. I immediately bought two packets, caused the taste, seasoning etc. are exactly or rather very similar to those served at Pizza Hut. So much … Continue reading

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Loving Greens – Chinese spinach in chicken broth

Introduction: Spinach has always been linked to Popeye The Sailor Man. Popeye “power food”. Loaded with vitamins A, K, D and E and a host of trace minerals. Researcher identified more than a dozen different flavonoid compounds in spinach that … Continue reading

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