Chicken Feet – The Nutrients For Good Joint Movements

Why pay for collagen/glucosamine and chondroitin supplements when you can dish your own chicken feet recipes.

These chicken feet consists of bones, tendons and skin but there are no muscles.

Packed with calcium, collagen, protein and cartilage and easily absorbed by our body.

These are the essential nutrients for good joint movement and help to minimize arthritis and joint pains.

The cleaning process of these chicken feet are simple.

Wash chicken feet thoroughly.

Rub a generous amount of coarse salt to remove any stubborn stains.

Scald the chicken feet in boiling water for about less than 5 minutes.

Let it to cool and peel of any yellow membranes from the feet.

With the aid of a sharp kitchen scissor, chop off the tip of the claws.

Now the chicken feet are ready to cook.

Here is a pot of  braised marinated chicken feet. Such fat and juicy chicken feet.

I prefer the braised chicken feet to be kept overnight and simmer next day before serving.

The formed collagen during refrigeration.


Its all about sucking at the bone of each chicken feet and enjoying the gravy at the same time.

Chicken feet skin are scrumptious when properly cooked and marinated.

Check out here for the list of Chicken Feet dishes I have prepared.

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