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Roll Up Again with Vietnamese Finely Latticed Vermicelli Sheets

Introduction: These finely latticed vermicelli sheets are used to make Vietnamese spring rolls. You can deep fry the spring rolls to a golden crunchy brown filled with your own mixture of ingredients or lightly deep fry with prawn flavoured with … Continue reading

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Pan Fried Cod Fish With Khong Guan Mini Soda Biscuits Topping

Introduction: Just impossible to resist these bite sizes mini Khong Guan Soda Biscuits. Ingredients: 3 pieces Fresh Cod Fish fillet 12 pieces Mini Soda Biscuits Spaghetti Sauce: In a saucepan, bring to a boil the following mixture 3 tablespoons Apricot … Continue reading

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Taking fish meatballs to a totally new level with more flavours.

Introduction: Cooking is about experimenting new ideas and ingredients to make the dish more flavourful. Ingredients: 300gm fish meat 250gm minced pork with some fats 1 egg Few pieces of dried black fungus (soaked and trimmed and cut thinly) 1 … Continue reading

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Dessertilicious – How about slurping some frog fallopian tubes

Introduction: Hasma are made from dried fatty tissues found near the bullfrogs fallopian tubes. Commonly doubled boiled with rock sugar and served as dessert. When boiled the texture turned glutinous, chewy, light and turned opaque in colour. Singapore very own … Continue reading

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Froggie Bites

Introduction: Jurong Frog Farm (JFF) started the farming business in 2006 is also a major supplier of frog meat in Singapore . These lean meat bullfrogs are high in protein. These local American bullfrogs are fed on a high-protein diet … Continue reading

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Lemongrass Pork Cutlets

Introduction: Some may ask how does lemongrass taste like? Lemongrass has a refreshing lemon-lime taste with a tinge of mint and ginger. Ingredients: 6 pieces of pork loin Lemongrass Marinade: 1/2 lemon grass stalk (using white portion), finely chopped 4 … Continue reading

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Crispy Squids Mee Suah (Flour Vermicelli)

Introduction: How to prepare crispy squids? Click this link for details: How to cook the flour vermicelli? Method: Mee Suah Preparation: Before you start frying the mee suah, have ready a pot of boiling water and a metal strainer. … Continue reading

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