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Yellow Tail Emperor Fish with Salt Crust

Introduction: This is my third time baking different variety of fish with salt crust. Baking it is an excellent way to retain the subtle distinctions in the flavor and texture of the fish. Fish with flaky, delicate flesh that tastes best … Continue reading

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Philippines Clams Tulya Steamed In Wine

Introduction: These clams are filter feeders sucking up water and small organisms while filtering out sand and debris.  Soft shelled clams should be rinsed several times. Its best to soak these clams with  flour in water as a filtering agent. If … Continue reading

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Orange Cuttlefish

Introduction: This is a Cantonese cuisine. A dish commonly found at all Wu Xiang food stalls. One of the most expensive dish amongst all the other Wu Xiang items. Ingredient: On large cuttlefish Marinate: 4 tablespoons Hoisin Sauce Lawry’s Seasoned … Continue reading

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Chye Poh Kway Teow – Teochew Dish

Introduction: Never fail to order Chye Poh Kway Teow from our favourite Teochew Restaurant Chin Lee Restaurant at Bedok North Road. Today I have decided to dish my own version to cater to my family taste bud. Ingredients: Half kilo thick … Continue reading

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Fuzhou Oyster Cake

Introduction: I was very pleased with my first attempt of this Oyster Cake commonly known as UFO. The outside is crispy and inside moist and soft. Oyster Cake originated from Fuzhou, China. Ingredients: 1 packet large frozen oysters (you can use … Continue reading

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