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My First Attempt with Loh Mei Dish

Introduction: I often wondered how to prepare the gravy for Loh Mei. Loh Mei Specialist @ People’s Park Cooked Food Centre is the stall  I frequently visit during my trips to People’s Park/Chinatown. An acquired taste dish if you like Nam Zhor … Continue reading

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Matcha Green Tea Agar Agar with Mint Ice Cream Topped with Chocolate Rice

Introduction: This is my first attempt to prepare Matcha Agar Agar. Mint has always been my family favourite ice cream flavour. Ingredients: 1 box of Matcha Green Tea Powder 10g or slightly less Agar Agar strips (Seagull) Few stalks of … Continue reading

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A Basket Made of Shredded Yam

Ingredients: One large yam 5 tablespoons Potato Starch Lawry’s Seasoned Salt Cooking Oil for deep frying 2 pieces perforated ladles Method: Peel and slice yam. Shred yam into thin strips. Seasoned with salt sparingly. Dust with potato starch. Heat wok … Continue reading

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Aloe Vera Ice Jelly in Lychee Syrup

Introduction: Aloe Vera is a  plant well known for its great medicinal and beauty benefits as far back as the beginning of the first century AD. The Aloe Vera gel is the clear, jelly-like substance and trusted product used in many different ways … Continue reading

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Ayam Brand Laksa Paste For Your Spaghetti Craving

Introduction: Aside from the usual gravy to go along with your favourite spaghetti, have you tried using Ayam Brand Laksa paste? I enjoyed customizing flavours to my dishes. This ready to use  paste allow you to produce dishes you never … Continue reading

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Red Garoupa Fish Head with Bitter gourd

Ingredients: Half portion fresh Red Garoupa (cut into chunks) 1 medium size bitter gourd 1 tablespoon minced garlic 2 tablespoon Black Bean Garlic Paste Finely shredded younger ginger roots Diced fresh red chillies Sesame Oil Method: Marinate the Red Garoupa Fish Head … Continue reading

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Yam Stripped Baskets with Oysters

Ingredients: One packet of frozen big oysters Method: Thawed the frozen oysters and drain. Poaching Oysters Fill a pot with water or preferably home prepared chicken stock until its two thirds full. Bring the stock to a rolling boil and … Continue reading

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