Roti Prata Sardine Puffs


Sardines are a nutrient-rich fish commonly served in cans, but for fresh sardines these small breed of oily fish within the herring family  are often grilled, pickled or even smoked.

Singapore celebrated 50 years of Independence on Aug. 9, 2015.

Here is one of the 6 award winning designs on limited edition  Ayam Brand Sardines cans celebrating SG50.

My Singapore Memory – Ayam Brand Can Design Competition.

The design reflecting the “little red dot”  island of Singapore hawker centres with delectable variety of local dishes reflecting the culture diversity and Singaporeans.

The print in red and white representing the main colour of our National Flag.


One can Sardines with Tomato Sauce

1 medium size sweet yellow onion (sliced)

2 fresh red chillies (deseeded and chopped)

2 tablespoons  Tomato Sauce

1 packet frozen Roti Paratha (Onion)

1 beaten egg


Remove a packet of Roti Paratha from the freezer.

Remember not to defrost.

Do not leave the paratha too long at room temperature, it becomes sticky and hard to handle.

Peel off both sides of the plastic sheet and place the Paratha on a chopping board for one or two minutes to soften.

Divide  the Roti Paratha into halves or to your desired shape.

In a mixing bowl, add the can of sardines, sliced sweet onion, chopped red chillies together with the tomato sauce and mixed thoroughly.

Put a tablespoon of mixture in the centre of the Roti Paratha and fold.

Brush the beaten egg around the sides of the Roti Paratha and secure the edges with the tip of the fork.

Place a piece of baking paper on the oven tray and bake for about 25 minutes at 220 degrees C.

This temperature may vary from oven to oven, so look out not to over bake these sardine puffs.


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