Let’s Get Fat Together with Hainanese Chicken Rice


It is very important to choose the correct type of chicken to prepare this recipe.


One medium yellow skinned fresh chicken

Coarse salt (not normal salt)

Few stalks of scallions

Few slices of old ginger roots


Exfoliate by rubbing the raw chicken with coarse salt to remove dead skin trapped in the chicken and at the same time to smoothen the texture of the chicken.

This method  also to reduces the amount of scums during the boiling process.

Season the whole chicken in and out with sea salt and stuff with a few pieces of sliced old ginger roots and scallions.

In a large pot (largest Meyer pot) fill with tap water sufficient enough to cover the whole bird and giving an allowance of about one to one and half inches extra.

Add the cleaned chicken into the water and bring to a big boil.

Turn off the heat immediately and leave the chicken to simmer for another half an hour.

Insert the kitchen thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken thigh.

The doneness should reach 170 to 175 degrees F.


In  large mixing bowl, add ice cubes and immediately lift the chicken from the big pot to the ice water and leave it for about 5 to 8 minutes depending on the size of the chicken.

This process is to stop the cooking process and also tightened the chicken skin.

You will notice that the skin will become springy and firm.

Hainanese Chicken dish is about skin texture.

Rub the exterior of the chicken with sesame oil and cut the chicken into bite sizes for serving.

Retain the chicken broth as a soup dish to go along with the chicken rice.

To short cut the cooking process, I have used this brand for chicken rice mixture.

Just follow the instructions carefully as indicated in the packaging.

I have added a few pieces of the fresh chicken fats to make the rice more fragrant.

Use the chicken broth to cook with the rice.

To prepare the chilli sauce, add your desired amount of fresh red chillies, a few cloves of garlic and young ginger root slices together with a few drops of Apple Vinegar, coarse sugar and sea salt and two to three tablespoon of the chicken broth into a blender until smooth and bright red.

Heat up the poached chicken broth to serve as soup.

Adjust your desired seasoning with some sea salt and some superior light soy sauce.

Garnished the chicken rice with sliced Japanese cucumbers and cilantros.


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