Serving Tom Yum Soup in the Traditional Way

Tom Yum pot perfect for herbs and most appropriate if you fear there may be some reaction with metal pots and also a great way to serve warm.

Tea light candles are recommended as oil burner may be too strong for this delicate pot.



12 pieces large fresh sea prawns

12 pieces medium sliced Red Garoupa

2 large pieces dried fish maw (soaked and drained)

1 can button  mushrooms

2 large semi ripe tomatoes

2 pieces lemongrass (bruised) white portion only

1 packet Tom Yum paste


Home prepared fish/prawn stock


Heat an earthen pot with some cooking oil and fry the Tom Yum paste until fragrant.

Add the bruised lemongrass and quartered tomatoes.

Add four bowls of home prepared fish/prawn stock and bring to a boil.

Do not add too much stock if you prefer a concentrated soup base.

This paste is flavourful, you don’t need to add too much seasoning.

I find this paste sour, so I have added a tablespoon of coarse sugar.

Taste and adjust seasoning accordingly to your taste bud.

Before serving, add all the selected ingredients and bring to a boil.

This soup was served with a traditional Thai Tom Yum pot.


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