Trio Dishes Using One Main Ingredient (Meaty Crabs)


Those irresistible meaty crabs!

Here are my triosome dishes using meaty crabs are the main ingredient.

(1)  The ever popular Singapore Tomato Chilli Crab

Check out this link for the recipe.

(2) Tomato Fried Rice with Minced Crab Meat


Ingredients for the tomato fried rice are overnight cooked rice, mixed frozen vegetables, tomato sauce and one large steamed meaty crab (shredded)

Check out at this link for recipe on how to prepare  fried rice with shredded crab meat.

(3) Crispy Chilli Crab Dumplings


One large meaty crab (shredded)

Thinly sliced young ginger roots

Dumpling wrappers

Chilli crab paste

Pinch of sugar

Dash of white grounded pepper

1 teaspoon Sesame Oil


In a small mixing bowl, add all the ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Place the dumpling wrapper on chopping board.

Scoop about one and half tablespoon crab mixture on one half of each wrapper.

Brush edges with cold water and fold the wrapper over to enclose the filling.

Pleat edges together to seal.

Deep fried the chilli crab dumplings in hot oil until both sides are nicely golden brown and crispy.


Couldn’t get enough of crabilicious dishes, check out here for even more ideas on crabby recipes.


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