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Snaky Long Beans

Introduction: Beans are classified into four groups according to shape, growth characteristics, number of nodes after flowering, height of the plant, and shape of the plant stem. Ingredients: 15 snake beans 2 tablespoons minced garlic 2 tablespoons dried shrimps 2 … Continue reading

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Collagen Goodness Hotpot @ Charcoal Thai Nex

Introduction: Thanks OpenRice Singapore for inviting me to this food tasting session. This super rich collagen broth stewed for several hours with a mixed ingredients of chicken bones and chicken meat turning into collagen pudding. Just forget Botox, this broth will … Continue reading

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Honey Glazed Ham

Introduction: This method is to flavour the ham from underneath. End result having a caramelized and crispy finish from a normal Honey Baked Ham. Ingredients: 1 medium size Honey Baked Ham 4 pieces Star Anise Seeds 12 pieces cloves Cooking … Continue reading

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Healthy Christmas Soup – Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Soup

Introduction: Combination two vegetables together to provide a nutritious soup. Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet tasting. Both vegetables are high in carotenoids which helps to strengthen our eyesight and our body immunity. Ingredients: One medium Pumpkin 4 medium size Sweet … Continue reading

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Crackling Pork Hock

Introduction: There are two main methods of preparing Pork Hocks. I prefer cooking the Pork Hock on the stove and finishing off in the oven. May sound tedious but trust me its worth the effort. Ingredients: 1 medium/large fresh Pork … Continue reading

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Christmas Roasted Chicken

Introduction: There is nothing better than a well cooked delicious  roasted  chicken using the classic lemon and herbs. Simple to cook and yummilicious. Ingredients: One fresh chicken (1.4 kg) 1 large Pomegranate 15 Brussel Sprouts 10 Cherry Tomatoes 3 tablespoons … Continue reading

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Chitterlings Craving?

Introduction: Large pig intestines though the smell is not very pleasant, if cleaned properly its worth every effort. Large pork intestines taste better than the small intestines . Method of Cleaning: Thaw the large pig intestines to room temperature. Here’s … Continue reading

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