Mock Shark Fin Appetizer


I  came across mock shark fin while dining at Sushi Express two years ago.

This was the Appetizer served at Sushi Express but this item is now discontinued.



Half packet frozen mock shark fin (vegetarian)


Six pieces dried Shiitake mushroom (soaked in warm water and sliced thinly)

Ten pieces dried black fungus (soaked and trimmed)

Sesame Oil

Hoisin Sauce

Fish Sauce

Minced garlic

Salt and pepper to taste


Thawed the mock shark fin.
Rinsed with tap water a few rounds. The final round pour some hot water for final rinsing and set aside.

Leave it to cool and marinate with sesame oil.

Heat up wok, add a little cooking oil and minced garlic. Sautéed.

Add the thinly sliced Shiitake mushrooms and black fungus and mixed well and cook for a few minutes.


Add the mock Shark Fins, Hoisin sauce, fish sauce, salt and pepper and blend well.

Taste and adjust the seasoning.

Do not overcook the mock Shark Fins.

Transfer to a plate and serve.



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Experience the authentic Korean charcoal BBQ dining experience at Seorae, Plaza Singapura.


This is also the first Korean outlet to introduce Galmaegisal to their diners.

Galmaegisal also known as “skirt meat” has the perfect combination of tenderness and juiciness yet contain minimal amount of fat found in the pig.

Seorae first franchise store in Singapore started in December 2015.


A fully-grown pig or cow produces only 250 grams of such meat. It is so good and so rare, that this meat was reserved only for the palates of monarchs and royal families.





These thinly sliced beef marinated in a unique sauce that retains the meat’s natural flavour even after grilling.

Enjoy every bite of the meat with lots of spring onions that melts in the mouth.



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Sambal Parrot Fish in Lotus Leaf


Parrot fish surprisingly has a soft and delicate texture with its mouth resembling a parrot’s beak.

This is my first attempt cooking  parrot fish recommended by my regular fish supplier.

Pretty huge fish that required trimming, excessive scaling, deskinning  and pin boned before cooking.



Fillet Parrot Fish

Salt and pepper

2 pieces Lotus Leaves (soaked in warm water and leave it to dry)

Few stalks of cilantors (chopped)

1 big yellow onion (sliced thinly)


12 dried chilli (soaked in warm water)

8 peeled shallots

6 peeled garlic

Chopped mint leaves

2 stalks lemongrass (diced using the pale section of the stem)

2 large tomatoes (diced)

2 teaspoons Shrimp Paste

2 tablespoon Brown Sugar

Dash of salt

1 tablespoon cooking oil


Blend the above sambal ingredients into a paste. Set aside.

Sautéed until the sambal paste turned slightly dark in colour.

Add the sliced yellow onion into the paste and caramelized together.

Taste and adjust the seasoning accordingly.

Season Salt and Pepper over the entire Parrot Fish Fillet.

Spread out the Lotus leaf  and place the fish in the centre of the leaf.

Add the sambal paste over the entire fish and steam for about 8 to 10 minutes depending on the size of the fish meat.

Wrapped the fish securely before placing into the metal plate for steaming.


Served immediately.

Garnished with chopped cilantros and fresh sliced sweet onions.



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Pineapple Lemongrass Drink


As an excellent source of the strong antioxidant vitamin C and dietary fibre.

Pineapple is another fundamental element for reducing cholesterol.


Half portion of large pineapple

Lemongrass drink  (check out at this link on how to prepare the lemongrass drink)

Bunch of mint leaves (chopped)


Cut the pineapple into chunk.

Combine the chopped mint leaves, lemongrass drink and pineapple chunks in the blender.

Blend to your desired texture.

I prepare to serve together with the pineapple fibre than to sieve it.

Add ice and serve.

A great refreshing drink.



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Irresistible Soft Shell Crabs


Soft-shell crab is a culinary term for crabs which have recently molted their old exoskeleton and are still soft.

Soft-shells are removed from the water as soon as they molt to prevent any hardening of their shell.


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Happy Cooking!

Salted Egg Crayfish


The salted egg craze is still on and now expanded to many area of cooking dishes including combination with seafood ingredients and so on.


10 pieces Crayfish


6 salted egg yolk

Condensed Milk

Unsalted butter

Corn Flour

Home prepared chicken stock

Chopped mint leaves

Salted and pepper to taste


Clean and remove the inwards of each crayfish.

I used only the tail portion of the crayfish.


Butterfly each crayfish tail by cutting it lengthway through the centre until about half inch towards the end.

Trims off the fins.

Season lightly with salted and pepper.

Sprinkle some corn flour over the crayfish tails and pan fry with some unsalted butter until the crayfish meat turned opaque.


Remove and set aside.

Steam the salted egg yolk until cooked.

Blend the  cooked salted egg yolk, two slices of unsalted butter, home prepared chicken stock and condensed milk.

Taste and add seasoning to your desired taste bud.


In a wok, add the blended ingredients and chopped mint leaves and mixed well over medium heat.

Make sure the gravy is not too thick, dilute with more chicken stock if required.

Tossed in the cooked crayfish quickly and coat well.

Serve immediately.



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Tenderstem Broccoli


These Tenderstem Broccoli so green with small florets has supple stem and sweet.

A fusion of Broccoli and Chinese Kale.

All you need is a good stir fry technique and adapt this method to most leafy vegetables available in the market.


Key pointers to remember is to wash and dry the vegetables on colander before cooking.

Trim these Tenderstem Broccoli and its ready to cook.


This two to three minutes recipe is simple to handle.

Heat the wok over high heat.

Add a splash of cooking oil.

Add minced garlic and sautéed for a short while.

Add the vegetable.

Flip and toss these Tenderstem Broccoli in the wok and cook until the vegetables begin to wilt.

Add premium oyster sauce over the sides of the vegetables and sprinkle a little sugar.

Stir fry and toss to coat the vegetable.

Remove and serve.

Garnished with a generous amount of deep fried shallots for added flavour.



Salting Watermelon Juice

Do  you salting watermelon juice will enhance the flavour of the fruit by opening up the taste buds to the sweetness of the fruit.
Half portion of Watermelon chunks
6 to 8 mint leaves
Ice cubes
Dash of Pink Himalayan Salt
Blend all the ingredients till smooth.
Pour to individual serving glass and add ice cubes.
Add a dash of grounded pink Himalayan salt to taste.
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