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Squid Ink Spaghetti with Orange Cuttlefish

Introduction: What a contrast in colour and fusion combination. East meet West dish fusion. Ingredient: Spaghetti One large cuttlefish 1 small bottle of Nortindal Tinta Calamar (Concentrated Squid Ink) Minced garlic Olive oil Salt and Pepper ┬áMethod: How to cook … Continue reading

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Steamed Sea Bream with Garlic Black Bean Sauce

Introduction: Running out of idea how to steam fish! How about steaming fish with home made black bean and garlic sauce? Ingredients: 1 large Sea Bream (butterfly) 2 tablespoons black bean paste (minced) 2 tablespoons minced garlic 1 tablespoon Chilli … Continue reading

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Green Curry Chicken

Introduction: So far this is one of the best Thai green curry paste purchased from Bangkok. A quick fixed meal with tender chicken drumsticks which goes well with a hot plate of new harvested Thai rice. Ingredients: 3 fresh large … Continue reading

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Double Boiled Soup – Prime Ribs with Pumpkin

Introduction: There are many methods of preparing soup. Today, I am using a double boiler with Micro Computer to prepare this yummilicious prime ribs with pumpkin soup. Ingredients: Half kilo prime pork ribs Half medium size Kabocha Pumpkin One pork … Continue reading

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