Clams Spaghetti


Clams comes in different shapes, sizes and quality.

Had a sudden craving for clams and instead of cooking with sambal or soup, I decided to prepare the clams to go along with spaghetti.


1 kilo clams

Half packet Spaghetti

Home prepared chicken stock

Tomato paste

White wine

Minced garlic and chopped yellow onion

Spaghetti sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

Grounded Thyme


Wash the clams and place them in a big basin with some flour.

Do this for a few rounds to remove the dirt and sand from the clams.

Final rinse and leave them in the colander and refrigerate until cooking.


In a pot, add some olive oil and sautéed the minced garlic and onion.

Add your desired amount of Spaghetti sauce, tomato paste and home prepared chicken stock and bring to a boil.

Add the clams and cover the pot.

When most of the clams are opened, add the white wine and mix thoroughly.


Cover the pot again and cooked until all the clams are fully opened.

Prepare the spaghetti as normal by adding salt to the water and some cooking oil until al dente.

Divide the spaghetti into equal portion and scoop your desired quantity of clams and gravy to each serving.

Sprinkle grounded thyme for added flavour and some cilantros.



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Mock Shark Fin Soup


Say “no” to shark fin.

Every year tens of millions of sharks die a slow death because of finning

Welcomed Vegetarian Shark fin!


Half packet Vegetarian Shark fin

Concentrated home prepared chicken stock

Half packet crab sticks

Few pieces dried fish maw (soaked in warm water)

Tapioca Starch

Balsamic Vinegar

Superior Light Soy Sauce

Salt and Pepper



Thawed the frozen vegetarian sharkfin.

Blanched with warm water and leave in the colander to drain excess water.

Seasoned with a teaspoon of sesame oil.

Sliced thinly the crabsticks and fish maw.

Bring the concentrated home prepared chicken stock to a boil.

Add the ingredients and bring to a simmer for about 3 to 5 minutes depending on the quantity.

Dissolve the tapioca flour in a small bowl with some water.

Slowly pour the tapioca flour into the soup to your desired water consistency.


Seasoned with light soy sauce, salt and pepper and balsamic vinegar.

Scoop into individual serving bowls.



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