Sambal Belacan


Sambal Belacan the spicy dip as Appetizer.

The chillies and the shrimp paste compliment each other very well.


5 Fresh seeded red chillies

10 Fresh bird’s eye seeded ref chilli aka chilli padi

1 piece toasted shrimp paste (locally known as Belacan)

8 Shallots


Salt to taste

1 tablespoon Tamarind Juice (extracted from tamarind paste)


Sliced the washed chillies, shallots  and transfer to the mortar.

Heat pan over low heat and toast the Belacan until aromatic.

Remove from heat and add into the mortar.

Pound until the mixture meets your personal preference.

Transfer into a mixing bowl.

Blend together with sugar, salt and tamarind juice.

Store in the refrigerator.



This is a rough indication of ingredients and is prepared to cater to my family taste bud.

Each individual has different taste chilli heat level.

Some may prefer milder whilst others like super extra fiery kick for their Sambal Belacan.


Ayam Penyet


The key to a tasty Ayam Penyet (literally means Smashed Chicken) lies in the marinade of mixed spices and how you fry the chicken.


3 fresh chicken drumsticks (do not discard the skin)


3 candlenuts

2 crushed lemongrass (white portion only)

8 cloves garlic

Thumbsize old ginger

1.1/2 inch knob turmeric

6 slices Galangal roots

1 tablespoon coriander seeds (fry until fragrant)

1.1/2 teaspoon brown sugar

4 large Bay Leaves (Daun Salam)

1 tablespoon sea salt


Add all the ingredients for the marinade into the blender and grind to form a paste and set aside.

Taste and adjust the seasoning to your taste bud.

Rinse and drain well the chicken drumsticks.

Add the marinade and rub over the chicken drumsticks in a Lock and Lock container and refrigerate overnight.


Add cooking oil into the frying pan with sufficient oil to cover half the chicken drumsticks.

In a large plate, add all purpose flour and corn flour and mix well.

Coat each piece of the marinated chicken drumstick with the flour mixture.

When the frying pan oil bubbles, gently drop the chicken drumstick and cook until the chicken become nicely browned on all sides.

Drain on paper hand towel.

Use a pestle or side of a cleaver to smash the chicken before serving.

Garnish with your own favourite chilli sauce.


For this recipe, I have added Achar (pickles) and include Cranberry Saffron Rice to go along with the dish



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Mee Hoon Kway


Mee Hoon Kway or known locally as hand torn noodles.

These noodles are made from wheat flour and eggs combination.

For fast fix, store bought Mee Hoon Kway comes handy.



1 packet Mee Hoon Kway

1 bowl Ikan Bilis (rinsed)

Minced pork

Home prepared fish bone stock

Half packet crab sticks


Bring Mee Hoon Kway to a boil until  it surfaced to the top.

Drain and set aside.

In a wok, deep fry the rinsed Ikan Bilis and Sole Fish slices until crispy. Set aside.


Marinate minced pork with superior  light soy sauce, dash of pepper and a little cornflour for half an hour.

Add the minced pork and stir fry until almost cook.

Bring home prepared fish stock to a boiling point. Adjust seasoning accordingly.

Divide equal portion of the cooked Mee Hoon Kway, cooked minced pork, crab sticks, deep fried ikan bilis and sole fish slices into big serving bowl.

Add the home prepared fish stock to each bowl and serve hot.

Garnished with deep fried shallots.

You can also add sunny side up egg to go along with this dish.



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