Bountiful Harvest – White Spotted Rabbitfish


The high sought after  an indispensable fish for Lunar New Year.

The rabbitfish has spines on the dorsal, anal and pelvic fins  that are grooved and contain venom glands.

2017 the extra lunar month (leap month) the production of these white spotted rabbitfish has increased tremendously and available in the markets throughout the Chinese New Year.


These fish taste especially extra delicious during this season and they are also big in size and the fish stomach is devoid with creamy roe or milt.


There are many ways of preparing the fish.

One method is to pan fried until crispy and golden brown.

Add your own desired gravy over the fish. Garnished with a generous amount of chopped cilantros and fresh red chilli strips.


Another method is to prepare chilli sambal gravy to go along with the fish and garnished with lemon jest for a more flavourful taste.


Or simply pan fried until both sides are golden brown and drizzled some lime juice over the fish and served.



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