The extinct Yellowstripe Scad


The yellowstripe  scad locally known as Ikan Kunning has high protein content.

Commonly deep fried until crispy and served with Nasi Lemak.

The ikan kuning that goes well with nasi lemak could become extinct sooner than expected.

Kunning Extinct.png

So grab some while you can.



Scrape the guts out from the fish by snipping along the belly.

Remove the scales by running along the dull edge of a knife against the fish skin.

I was fortunate to have my regular fish supplier to do all the cleaning and removing job.

Wash and pat dry with paper hand towel.

Seasoned with salt and turmeric powder including the fish belly.

Spray sufficient cooking oil over the fish and air fried for 20 minutes on one side or until the fish turned nicely browned and crispy.


Do the same for the other side of the fish.

Served with your favourite Nasi Lemak or Pandan Rice.



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