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Spotted Sicklefish

Introduction: Spotted Sicklefish best panfried and garnished with bean paste sauce. This fish has tender buttered meat. Despite reviews I read claiming the  meat to be of average quality with slight muddy taste,  with proper preparation and seasoning, I would definitely … Continue reading

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Freshly boiled crab meat transformed into two dishes

Introduction: The experience of developing a similar dish in a new way. When it comes to cooking, nothing is left wasted. Ingredients: Fresh boiled meaty crab pincers. The mixture well seasoned. Peranakan Bakwan Kepting is ready to cook. Check out … Continue reading

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Purple Cauliflower Rice

Introduction: Cauliflower rice is now the popular grain free alternative to rice. In fact riced cauliflower can be used as a standalone dish with low calories and carbohydrate counts. Preparing this riced veggy is pretty simple. Ingredients: 1 medium head … Continue reading

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Wagyu Goodness

Introduction: Wagyu famous for its marbling, fat content, tenderness and fragrance. Doesn’t require much seasoning other than good quality salt and grounded pepper. Method: Take out the strip loin from the refrigerator at least 20 minutes before cooking. Season the … Continue reading

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White Bee Hoon Vermicelli with Crayfish Soup

Introduction: The key to the dish is the stock preparation. The secret to turning bland bee hoon vermicelli into a seafood success lies in a robust broth. Ingredients: One kilo fresh crayfish Half packet dried Bee Hoon Vermicelli (soaked in cold … Continue reading

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