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Braised Small Intestines

These pork small intestines also known as sweet intestine, powdery intestines or pink intestines. Not available from local markets unless you have a good buddy butcher who can supply.   Compared to the large intestines, has a finer, sweeter flavour … Continue reading

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Hotplate Tofu

Introduction: There are many variations for preparing Tofu Hotplate. One of the hot favourite dish at Zi Char stalls and goes well with rice. The sizzling eggs on the hot plate add aroma to this dish. The basic to preparing … Continue reading

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Komochi Caraft Shisyamo

  Best grilled or deep fried in it’s entirety as the fish can be eaten from head to tail. This time round, I have coated these Komochi Caraft Shisyamo with plain flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs. These salt water fish … Continue reading

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Chicken Feet with Peanut Soup

Introduction: Do you know that some of the expensive collagen pills available at pharmacies are ground up of chicken feet. So why spend money on collagen pills, when chicken feet is cheap and full of goodness. Chicken feet soup produce … Continue reading

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