Chicken Feet with Peanut Soup


Do you know that some of the expensive collagen pills available at pharmacies are ground up of chicken feet.

So why spend money on collagen pills, when chicken feet is cheap and full of goodness.

Chicken feet soup produce thick broth that is rich in nutrients making the broth nourishing with added  glucosamine chondroitin which is good for joints.

Cleaning Chicken Feet

Wash the chicken feet thoroughly with tap water.

Peel away any outer yellow skin on the chicken feet.

Rub them with coarse salt to remove stubborn stains and at the same time smoothen the texture of the feet.

Scald them in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes.

With a pair of kitchen scissor, trim the claws/nails.


Add big red dates, slices of ginger, one packet of peanut, dried cuttlefish, dried scallops and cleansed chicken feet and water  and bring to a boil.

Reduce the heat to a simmer leaving a slight ventilation on the lid and cook for about one hour.

Add a tablespoon of Chinese cooking wine and salt to taste.


I would normally cook a big pot and the balance of the soup, leave it to cool before transferring to a good quality round container and refrigerate.

Next day,  leave it to room temperature before reheating.


Just look at the gelatinous texture of the Chicken Feet Peanut Soup.



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