Fish Roe goes well with Fish Porridge

Its hard to get this kind of fish roe and when an opportunity arises, I never fail to get a pair.


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How about preparing fish porridge to go along with the fish roe.





Onion Marmalade

Have you try Onion Marmalade with Roasted Duck Skin.



3 large sweet yellow onions

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 teaspoon Apple Vinegar

1/2 cup red wine


Heat 2 slices of unsalted butter into frying pan over medium heat.

Add the sliced sweet onion and salt and cook until softened.

Stir in the brown sugar and cook further for one to two minutes.

Add the apple vinegar and red wine and cook until almost evaporated.

You can keep the balanced of the onion marmalade in the refrigerator overnight.


Just wrap these onion marmalade with a piece of crispy duck skin over a crepe and served immediately.




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Eight Treasure Glutinous Rice


1 cup glutinous rice (preferably soaked overnight)

1 packet split mung bean (soaked at least six hours)


2 sprigs dried Lotus Leaves (soaked to softened and dry)

Chicken stock

The eight treasures comprises of (1) Gingko Nuts (2) Black Fungus (3) White Fungus) (4) Red dates (5) Dried Shiitake Mushrooms (6) Button Mushrooms (7) Boiled Chestnuts (8) Dried scallops (not included in this photo)



Oyster sauce, superior light and dark soy sauce, sugar, salt and required amount of chicken stock to cook the glutinous rice.


Heat wok with some cooking oil and fry all the above ingredients, glutinous rice, mung beans and chicken stock.

Fry until the rice becomes slightly softened.

Spread the lotus leaves on a big plate and pour all the ingredients and wrapped them together like a parcel.


Steam the parcel  until the rice and mung bean are fully cooked.

You may need to add additional chicken stock to softened the rice and mung bean.

Served hot.



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Crispy Squid on Stick

What do you do with the balance of the squid parts?

When it comes to food, nothing is left wasted.

I have created another finger food with the squid heads and parts.

Does this look familiar to foodie lovers in Singapore?


Season the squid heads and parts with Seasoned Salt.

Coat each piece of the squid parts with flour and deep fry until nicely browned and crispy.


Thread the cooked squid parts into the skewer to your desired length.

Sprinkle generous amount of grounded Garlic and Pepper and served hot.


Isnt this simple.

Another finger food for your menu.

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Stuffed Squids with Glass Noodles Soup


These medium size squids are hard to find and its best to stuff them with minced pork and cook a soup dish.



Cleaning the squid to remove those inedible parts.

The head, eyes, internal organs, beak and pen (or quill) of the squid are inedible.

A squid’s ink sac is usually removed with the internal organs. If the sac is kept intact the ink can be added to your seafood sauce. Anyone cleaning squid at home can use this gourmet ingredient just like the restaurants do, instead of throwing it away.

Squid fins are soft and shaped like wings. They are pulled away from the mantle by hand during squid cleaning. If making calamari, for example, the fins would be discarded, but they are edible. To prepare fins for cooking, trim the hardened strip from their edges.

These smaller squid skin can be tender enough to be left on.  Just peel it off and discard it.

The tentacles are removed with the head when cleaning squid. Though edible, the long, thin tentacles are considered impractical for cooking and should be cut off and thrown away. But the main thick, curly tentacles are edible and tasty. If you set these aside for cooking, there are two simple preparation steps:

– remove the beak by squeezing the base of the tentacles, making it pop out ready to be cut off

– gently scrape the suckers from each tentacle with the blade of a sharp knife.

Removing the organs and pen usually takes just one movement, but always check inside the mantle to ensure nothing is left behind.

Always have access to cold running water. One reason is in case the ink sac ruptures.

This is less likely with small, easily manageable squid, but the bigger the squid, the more ink there is to spill. Also, there may be sand to be washed away if you’re cleaning squid from a fresh catch.


Marinate the minced pork with premium light soy sauce and dash of pepper and some corn flour.

Mixed well and stuff into each squid until it reaches the surface. Set aside


In the meantime, prepare the stock for the soup, you can also use fish stock if available or chicken stock.

Add the stuffed squid into the boiling stock to cook.

Include a few bundles of glass noodles to the soup and a tablespoon of preserved vegetables.

Its best to serve while the soup is hot and garnished with fried shallots and chopped scallions.



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Tua Bak Fish

I am not pretty adventurous when it comes to buying different variety of fish.

Having a good rapport with my regular fish supplier, recently I have started to try new dishes with different types of local fish.

This fish is known as Tua Bak locally.

Bak Fish.jpg

Very delicate fish but when deep fried it becomes very crispy and the meat is very tender.


You don’t even need any sauces to go along.

Taste great by itself.


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Butchering Giant Groupa

Definitely require lots of skill to dissect the giant grouper and cut them into different parts.

This large white flaked fish contains no intramuscular bones.


This fish has become the choice of people concerned with healthy eating because it is nutritious in addition to being delicious.

I was coaxed to buy this gigantic fish head only half portion together with the grouper abdomen area (well demanded) and here are some of the dishes I have cooked.


Fish Head Curry.

This is only a quarter of the huge Fish Head chopped into chunks for easier cooking.


For recipe check out here for the details.

This is the section of the Giant Grouper meat (near the abdomen) which is highly demanded and not easily available.


I have prepared White Hor Fun (thick flat noodles) with these sliced fish meat as another dish.



You can check this link for a similar recipe on how to prepared slice fish Hor Fun.

Lets see what I shall do with the remaining portion of the Grouper Fish Head!


Chopped Giant Grouper fish head with white noodles in home prepared fish broth with diced yam.



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