Eight Treasure Glutinous Rice


1 cup glutinous rice (preferably soaked overnight)

1 packet split mung bean (soaked at least six hours)


2 sprigs dried Lotus Leaves (soaked to softened and dry)

Chicken stock

The eight treasures comprises of (1) Gingko Nuts (2) Black Fungus (3) White Fungus) (4) Red dates (5) Dried Shiitake Mushrooms (6) Button Mushrooms (7) Boiled Chestnuts (8) Dried scallops (not included in this photo)



Oyster sauce, superior light and dark soy sauce, sugar, salt and required amount of chicken stock to cook the glutinous rice.


Heat wok with some cooking oil and fry all the above ingredients, glutinous rice, mung beans and chicken stock.

Fry until the rice becomes slightly softened.

Spread the lotus leaves on a big plate and pour all the ingredients and wrapped them together like a parcel.


Steam the parcel  until the rice and mung bean are fully cooked.

You may need to add additional chicken stock to softened the rice and mung bean.

Served hot.



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If you are interested to know more about the Wonder of Lotus.

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