Herbal Rice

One dish rice with all the flavourful ingredients without overpowering the mixture.

This traditional Malay herbal rice (Nasi Ulam) and in the Peranakan culture is normally served at special occasions such as birthdays and Chinese Lunar New Year.

During my late grandma days, Ikan Selar (Yellow Tail Scad) is used to prepare this dish and I dislike the tiny bones in this fish.

I discovered using Leather Jacket is the best. Fleshy meat and less bones.


Cooked rice (overnight rice).

I used pandan Basmati rice which is even more flavourful.


Pan fried the Leatherjacket fish until nicely browned.

Leave it to cool and debone and flake the fish.


Inorder not to overpower the herbal combination, I used only chopped mint leaves, lemongrass (outer layer peeled)   and turmeric flower.


In a large mixing bowl add the ingredients together with salt to taste.


Served warm.

Garnished with a generous amount of deep fried shallots.


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