Chicken Feet with Peanut Soup

Introduction: Do you know that some of the expensive collagen pills available at pharmacies are ground up of chicken feet. So why spend money on collagen pills, when chicken feet is cheap and full of goodness. Chicken feet soup produce thick broth that is rich in nutrients making the broth nourishing with added  glucosamine chondroitin which … Continue reading “Chicken Feet with Peanut Soup”

Korean Style Chicken Feet – Spicy Chicken Feet (Dak-bal)

Introduction: Phoenix Claws aka braised chicken feet. A dish only for those who loved cartilage, skin and bones. One of the tastiest dim sum dishes by transforming the least desirable part of the chicken into something edible and so palatable. This three step process of frying, braising and simmering in sauce turning the chicken feet … Continue reading “Korean Style Chicken Feet – Spicy Chicken Feet (Dak-bal)”

Chicken Feet – The Nutrients For Good Joint Movements

Why pay for collagen/glucosamine and chondroitin supplements when you can dish your own chicken feet recipes. These chicken feet consists of bones, tendons and skin but there are no muscles. Packed with calcium, collagen, protein and cartilage and easily absorbed by our body. These are the essential nutrients for good joint movement and help to … Continue reading “Chicken Feet – The Nutrients For Good Joint Movements”

Inari Chicken Feet Pouch

Ingredients: I packet Inari (Japanese sweet beancurd skin) Chicken Feet Salad Stuffing for the parcels with Chicken Feet Salad Method: There are six pieces of Inari in each packet. Stuffed each empty Inari with sufficient chicken salad and serve. A delectable dish of sweetness from each Inari pouch and the assorted vegetables and pineapple added … Continue reading “Inari Chicken Feet Pouch”

Smitten by Chicken Feet Salad

Introduction: Getting the nutrients found in healthy cartilage in true form by adding chicken feet into your meals. Chicken feet filled with calcium and collagen. Ingredients: One packet of frozen chicken feet flesh One sweet large pineapple (sliced) 4 fresh red chillies (sliced) Few stalks of cilantros (chopped) 2  sweet Japanese onion (sliced) 1 large … Continue reading “Smitten by Chicken Feet Salad”

Air Fried Chicken Feet

Introduction: Being an ardent foodie  fan of chicken feet,  I have decided to  air fry these chicky feet for a change rather than braising them. Ingredients: 10 pieces fresh Chicken Feet All purpose Flour Breadcrumbs 2 tablespoons Hoisin Sauce 1 tablespoon Superior Dark Soy Sauce Method: Clean the fresh chicken feet and trimmed the toe … Continue reading “Air Fried Chicken Feet”

Couldnt Get Enough of Chicken Feet (Phoenix Claws)

  Introduction: Eating chicken feet may seemed “gross” to some but not to me. These feet are cooked to get the gelatine and is best to kept refrigerated overnight for best results in texture, infusion of the sauce and the collagen effect. Ingredients: 12 to 15 pieces of meaty Chicken Feet Check out here for the … Continue reading “Couldnt Get Enough of Chicken Feet (Phoenix Claws)”