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My passion for cooking and discovering food have prompted me to create this blog. Blessed with the gift of cooking and loving each dish I have prepared and simultaneously sharing these recipes with you. Cooking is not a job but a passion. Thank you for visiting my blog.


What a better way to fix Salmon Fish Head. Lightly rub the entire Salmon Fish Head with seasoned Lawry Salt and leave to marinate for about 15 minutes. Heat the grilling pan and lightly oil. Over medium heat, pan fry … Continue reading

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Fish Roe goes well with Fish Porridge

Its hard to get this kind of fish roe and when an opportunity arises, I never fail to get a pair. Check out this link for more interesting fish roes dishes. How about preparing fish porridge to go along … Continue reading

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Onion Marmalade

Have you try Onion Marmalade with Roasted Duck Skin. Ingredients: 3 large sweet yellow onions 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon Apple Vinegar 1/2 cup red wine Method: Heat 2 slices of unsalted butter into frying pan over medium heat. … Continue reading

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Eight Treasure Glutinous Rice

Ingredients: 1 cup glutinous rice (preferably soaked overnight) 1 packet split mung bean (soaked at least six hours) 2 sprigs dried Lotus Leaves (soaked to softened and dry) Chicken stock The eight treasures comprises of (1) Gingko Nuts (2) Black Fungus … Continue reading

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Crispy Squid on Stick

What do you do with the balance of the squid parts? When it comes to food, nothing is left wasted. I have created another finger food with the squid heads and parts. Does this look familiar to foodie lovers … Continue reading

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Stuffed Squids with Glass Noodles Soup

Introduction: These medium size squids are hard to find and its best to stuff them with minced pork and cook a soup dish.   Cleaning the squid to remove those inedible parts. The head, eyes, internal organs, beak and pen … Continue reading

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Tua Bak Fish

I am not pretty adventurous when it comes to buying different variety of fish. Having a good rapport with my regular fish supplier, recently I have started to try new dishes with different types of local fish. This fish is … Continue reading

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