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My passion for cooking and discovering food have prompted me to create this blog. Blessed with the gift of cooking and loving each dish I have prepared and simultaneously sharing these recipes with you. Cooking is not a job but a passion. Thank you for visiting my blog.


Pronounced as ‘fuh’ Commonly known as Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup with savoury broth and tender beef slices. I have chosen to use beef shin for this soup. The stock has a combination of beef bones, water, onion, ginger, star anise, … Continue reading

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Nutritional value of Pig Skin

These days, scientists have discovered that the regular consumption of pig skin or pig trotters will delay aging. (This is a photo of the braised pork skin which I have prepared)   Due to the presence of large amounts of … Continue reading

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Lotus Seed Dessert

Commonly known as Lien Chee Suan Introduction: Lotus seeds or lotus nuts are the seeds of plants in the genus Nelumbo, particularly the species Nelumbo nucifera. Ingredients: 2 packets Lotus Seeds 1.5 litres water 6 screw pine leaves (pandan leaves) … Continue reading

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Craving for Ipoh Hor Fun?

From time to time,  I would crave for Ipoh Hor Fun. I have chose country yellow chicken drums sticks for this dish. Do not discard the boiled prawn shells. Don’t forget to drizzle prawn oil over this dish. The prawn … Continue reading

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Braised Small Intestines

These pork small intestines also known as sweet intestine, powdery intestines or pink intestines. Not available from local markets unless you have a good buddy butcher who can supply.   Compared to the large intestines, has a finer, sweeter flavour … Continue reading

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Hotplate Tofu

Introduction: There are many variations for preparing Tofu Hotplate. One of the hot favourite dish at Zi Char stalls and goes well with rice. The sizzling eggs on the hot plate add aroma to this dish. The basic to preparing … Continue reading

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Komochi Caraft Shisyamo

  Best grilled or deep fried in it’s entirety as the fish can be eaten from head to tail. This time round, I have coated these Komochi Caraft Shisyamo with plain flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs. These salt water fish … Continue reading

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