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Lotus Leaf Parcel

Introduction: Lotus leaves are large bright green leaves from the aquatic lotus plant. Fresh lotus leaf is sweet in taste with a hint of bitterness. Dry lotus leaves are used to add a fresh earthy tea scent to foods, most … Continue reading

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Lotus Roots with Macadamia Nuts and Assorted Vegetables

Introduction: A dish that comprises of different types of vegetables and each ingredient has its own unique crunch. Celery – Crunchy vegetable when it is fresh Carrots – Robust crunch CapsicumĀ – crunchy delight and can also be eaten raw Lotus … Continue reading

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What’s Cooking Flo?

There is so much crunchiness of various ingredients from this dish. A unique blend of assorted vegetables . The lightly sauced combination without drowning the freshness of the vegetables. Refer to my recipe for Lotus Roots with Macadamia Nuts. reading

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Steamed Sticky Glutinous Rice with Chicken in Lotus Leaf

Ingredients: 1 medium size Sakura Fresh Chicken chopped into medium pieces 2 inches fresh ginger, sliced thinly 8 pieces of dry Shiitake mushrooms (soaked, discard stem and sliced thinly) 2 Chinese liver sausages sliced diagonally (you can replace with Chinese … Continue reading

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Lotus Roots with Pork Ribs Soup

Ingredients: 1 medium size lotus roots Half kilo prime ribs 12 pieces of dried scallops 10 pieces of red dates Method: Remove the skin from the lotus roots and cut into medium slices. Blanch the pork ribs in boiling water … Continue reading

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Lotus Seeds Dessert (Lien Chee Suan)

Ingredients: 2 packets of lotus seeds 5 rice bowls of water 4 knotted screwpine leaves (pandan leaf) 2 pieces of sugarcane sugar 3 tablespoons of Superior Potato Flour 3 tablespoons of water Method: Heat a non-stick pot and caramalized 2 … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Lotus Flowers and amazing food made from various part of the Lotus plants

I am always amazed to watch the beautiful sight of lotus ponds and here are some photos captured during two of my many visits to various parts of China. Spring in Guangzhou and Autumn in Suzhou Beautiful lotus pond covered … Continue reading

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