Braised Pig Trotters Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli)


I prefer fresh home prepared Pig Trotters as I am not a fan of canned pig trotters.

Here is a large pig trotter, chopped by my butcher into chunks for easier cooking.

Parboil them for a few minutes to get rid of the scums, drain and set aside.

This is a simplified version with any additional ingredients added to braising.

For festive occasions, I would include Shiitake mushrooms and dried oysters.

Check out this link for the detailed recipe on how to cook the braised Pig Trotters

The Braised Pig Trotters simmered for an hour over medium low fire.

Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli) Preparation: 

Soak the rice vermicelli in water for about half an hour until soften.

Wash and cut all the required veggie.

Drain away the water from the rice vermicelli. Set aside.

Heat wok, add two tablespoons of minced garlic and fry till fragrant.

Add the ingredients into the wok.

When the ingredients are half way cooked, add the soaked  rice vermicelli together with one tablespoon of oyster sauce and  your desired amount of superior light soy sauce.

Do not add too much seasoning to the rice vermicelli as the braising sauce from the pig trotters will be added and infused into  the rice vermicelli when served.

Toss all the ingredients until the rice vermicelli is soft and the liquid are almost absorbed.

Turn off the heat and dish up.

In the meantime, heat up the pot of Braised Pig Trotters and served either together with the rice vermicelli or on separate bowl.

Its just irresistible, the flavourful braising liquid of the pig trotters soaked in the fried rice vermicelli.


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