Calling All “Tao Huay” Lovers


Lao Ban Soya Beancurd with its flagship stall at Old Airport is a local favourite dessert amongst Singaporean.

Tang Zai desserts is another new product from Lao Ban Soya Beancurd offering different types of soya bean and grass jelly desserts.

A product made from soybeans.

There are numerous ways of preparing bean curd and an easy source of protein which is also easily manipulated into different types of dishes.

One of the latest outlet at Bugis MRT Station.

The difference between Bean Curd and Toufu


Tofu is a soybean product that is  analogous to cheese and very rich in proteins and fibre ut low on fat and calories.

Made by curdling of soymilk is a cheese like product obtained from soybeans.

A staple in Asia originated in China for more than 2000 years ago. Its made by coagulation of soymilk and water and flavourless.

A solid food product that is made from pressed bean curd.


Is literally the curd of soybeans which is why referred to as bean curd.

Dry soybeans are grounded and cooked lightly to provide their milk which is curdled using coagulating agent.


Here are some of my family tofu dishes:

Gelato – Italian Ice Cream

Gelato - Italian Ice Cream

Simply irresistible.

This brought me back to our European vacation in Rome where my family tasted the first Italiano Ice Cream long before Gelato was introduced in Singapore. The shop very near to Trevi Fountain (location where the movie Three Coins in the Fountain was filmed ). No cones just small cup with a plastic spoon.

I ordered two scoops of fresh fruit Gelato from Tampines Mall.

Chose the Passion Fruit and Green Tea flavour. The Passion Fruit was very sour unlike Green Tea very refreshing.

Gelato @ Tampines Mall basement has a wide selection of gelatos to pick from these tubs.

Flavours such as chocolate, durian, green tea, passion fruit, mango, melon, strawberry, watermelon, cotton candy, Hazelnut, kiwi, banana and the list goes on.

Gelato is made with ingredients that are all found in nature making it both a healthy and natural dessert.

Currently there is a promotion for Rosa Gelato one for one at S$4.50 until end of October 2013.

Single scoop for premium category at S$5.20 per scoop and S$6.70 for double.

The classic scoop at S$4.50 and double at S$6.00.

I will go for my favourite durian Gelato next trip.