Experience the authentic Korean charcoal BBQ dining experience at Seorae, Plaza Singapura.


This is also the first Korean outlet to introduce Galmaegisal to their diners.

Galmaegisal also known as “skirt meat” has the perfect combination of tenderness and juiciness yet contain minimal amount of fat found in the pig.

Seorae first franchise store in Singapore started in December 2015.


A fully-grown pig or cow produces only 250 grams of such meat. It is so good and so rare, that this meat was reserved only for the palates of monarchs and royal families.





These thinly sliced beef marinated in a unique sauce that retains the meat’s natural flavour even after grilling.

Enjoy every bite of the meat with lots of spring onions that melts in the mouth.



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Lechon de Cebu


Meat Smith Singapore First Anniversary serving Lechon de Cebu, Whole Roasted Hog.


Few slices of yummy crackling roasted hog slices goes well with pickled papaya, peperomia, duck fat tortilla together with spiced fried rice.


Fried Honey Comb Tripes, crispy and irresistible.


The hard work of the Chefs taking three hours to roast the whole roasted hog.




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Best Indian Rojak @ The East


Customers from all over the island does not mind travelling all the way to Tampines in the eastern part of Singapore to taste the popular Al Mahboob Indian Rojak .



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Premium Grade Black Wagyu Beef


Ito Kacho Yakiniku @ Mandarin Gallery serves premium grade black Wagyu beef imported from Japan.

Situated on the fourth level, this is the first outlet to be established in Singapore outside Japan

Well known for the recommended beef cut for Yakiniku which is the belly portion where marbling consistency is the highest.


The convection or indirect grilling is a good method for slow cooking and grilling as the convection occurs at the top of the grill.


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Ang Ku Kueh (literally known as Red Tortoise Cake)

Why is this cake known as Ang Ku Kueh?

This sweet tasting  cake resembles the shape of the tortoise shell traditionally made up of glutinous rice flour and sweet fillings.

Here is my review of the current fillings for Ang Ku Kueh at Ji Xiang Confectionary and also how this cake was originated.

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If You Like Pizza Drumlets, You Will Enjoy These


I happened to taste a piece of these drumlets at one of our local supermarket.

I immediately bought two packets, caused the taste, seasoning etc. are exactly or rather very similar to those served at Pizza Hut.

So much cheaper.

Just stored two packets in the freezer, thaw and airfry anytime.

These are the thawed drumlets ready to be airfried.

Just brush some cooking oil on all sides of the drumlets.

I set the airfrying for 30 minutes with one flip over the other side of the drums at half time.

Now the drumlets are ready to be served.


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