Locking with Lock and Lock

Locking with Lock and Lock

I have a mini warehouse in my kitchen for Lock & Lock products. I will use at least one item of Lock & Lock products and has become part of my daily life.

Each time when there is a “pot-luck” party in my family, they will not fail to see my Lock & Lock containers delivery with home cooked food.

Self-made Korean entrepreneur Kim Joon-il started Lock & Lock in a modest five-storey building on a single-lane side street. He focused on a single category-plastic and glass containers and other types of kitchenware and houseware. His products are sold all over the world from London’s Harrods department store and around trendsetting Shanghai, where Lock & Lock was named the most popular brand from 2006 to 2010.

Lock & Lock has complete line of BPA free containers made from new material that are impact and shatter-resistant.

Though Tupperware was invented in 1946, it was not until Lock & Lock product founded in 2000 that there was a 100% airtight product claimed Lock & Lock Chairman Kim Joo-il. He used four hinged locks, one on each side of the box, meaning his containers could be opened with one hand. His seals were made of specialized silicon, making them extra airtight.

He also leveraged Korean TV drama actress Yang Mi Kyung from The Jewel in the Palace” as his product endorser.

Though over the years of usage, the containers do not look so brand new they are still usable. Quality matters.