Food Tasting @ Charisma D’Venue


Delectable Halal food experience at Charisma D’Venue introducing interesting dishes with a blend of East Meet West cuisine.



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Food Tasting @ Amazonia Bistro


Amazonia a place where fun and adventure can be shared by the whole family.

This Bistro provide all day dining for diners from all generations.

Parents could sit back, dine and relax while the kiddies having fun time in this jungled themed soft play gym catering for children between the ages of 3 to 12.


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Food Tasting – Yum Cha CNY Takeaway

Yum Cha Restaurants will soon be launching their Chinese New Year takeaway menu from 15th January to 22nd February 2016.

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Collagen Goodness Hotpot @ Charcoal Thai Nex


Thanks OpenRice Singapore for inviting me to this food tasting session.

This super rich collagen broth stewed for several hours with a mixed ingredients of chicken bones and chicken meat turning into collagen pudding.

Just forget Botox, this broth will provide all the collagen.

Charcoal Thai collagen broth is jiggly and gelatinous and as it cooked slowly melting into a  gelatin (rich liquid).

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Dining Experience at Le Cuisine



I was quite impressed with the deco at Le Cuisine at Chinatown Point.


Without hesitation, I decided to order a light lunch.

The wall panels were filled with photo taking sessions.

A Taste of Love with Celebrity Chef Daniel Koh

When I was presented with the menu,  “Lychee Pork” caught my eyes and without a second thought, I decided to order this dish.

Fortunately enough I was told that it happened to be one of Celebrity Chef Daniel Koh Signature Dish.

Pork belly stewed in lychee coulis served with braised shitake lime stone lettuce and chinois coleslaw.

The pork belly was extremely melting tender with infused flavours. There is also a fruity sweetness from the lychee juice.  These  braised thick slices of meat are served with braised Shitake  with a few pieces of lime stone lettuce and chinois coleslaw.  I wrapped each piece of the juicy pork belly with the lettuce for more refreshing flavour. Each piece of the lettuce leaf goes well with the juicy pork belly cooked to such tenderness and simply melt in the mouth.

A well respected celebrity chef Daniel Koh has won several awards for his creative dishes and was a panel judge in several renowned food events.

His dishes are combined with the techniques of European cooking with the richness of Asian spices and flavours.

Current Promotion:

With every main course,  diner will get to enjoy the soup of the day to complement the meal.

I was served with a bowl of  thick tasty pumpkin soup and a slice of bread. The soup is cooked with solid chicken broth.

Mango Fruit Coulis refreshing and complement the main dish well.

This fruit coulis takes so many desserts to another level.

Indeed an incomparable treat.

The mango coulis is pureed and strained. Very refreshing and complement the main dish well.


133 New Bridge Road

#B2-34/36 Chinatown Point Singapore 059413

Tel: (65) 6538 1963



Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily


Dessertilicious – From Pollen Dessert Bar @ Flower Dome “Gardens By the Bay”

The tantalizing showcase of sweet treats from “Pollen” Dessert Bar at Flower Dome “Gardens By the Bay”

Prepared right in front of us are dessertilicious and playful presentation of colours, textures and flavours by Executive Pastry Chef Alexander McKinstry of Pollen, Flower Dome at Gardens By the Bay.

Chef Alexander was formerly from The Principal in Hong Kong and Restaurant Daniel and Le Bernardin in New York.

As he was preparing our desserts, I had the opportunity to converse with him about his passion and inspirations.

Dessert Entrée with “Flower Dome” with roasted lemon jelly, pistachio, pomegranate, buttermilk and colourful fresh plucked flower petals from Flower Dome. The taste was bitter and sourish as starter for the meal to boost one’s appetite.

Raspberry Corn served with roasted corn “sandwich” and fizzy consommé.

Thailand – comprising of passion fruit, mango, tamarind and coriander. A blend of different flavours from the orient.

Black Forest – A combination of cherry, pandan, with mini Shimeji mushrooms and roasted tomatoes accompanied by JAAL 75% chocolate.

From afar, the black forest dessert presentation.

With compliments from Chef Alexander a home made Pollen Ice cream full of chocolaty richness in this ice cream bar.

OpenRice Singapore Food Tasting Session – Shanghainese Cuisine (Part Two)

OpenRice Singapore Food Tasting Session - Shanghainese Cuisine (Part Two)

Though the grilled fish may look peppery but it is not hot at all. Deceived by the look. Cooked with diced salted vegetables and different spice combination. Generous amount of diced red chillies and garnished with cilantro leaves. Gravy has the light sourish taste and appetizing.

Pork Ribs with Special Sauce cooked the Shanghai style. These pork ribs are marinated with twelve different types of ingredients. It has the peppery kick with fresh green and red chillies hotness and a garlicky savouriness.

The Chef’s Signature Golden Fried Rice dish very popular with locals and Japanese tourists. Inspired while strolling along the beach he decided to prepare this special rice with ingredients so finely sliced that represents the tiny specks of the beach sand. Due to the various ingredients added the taste of this fried rice has a variety of wonderful flavours and textures.

Also the most popular dish of the night. So good that one of the OpenRicer ordered two packets for takeaway. I would have done the same but this dish would be too heavy for late supper. The fluffy round grain rice is similar to Yangzhou Style Fried Rice.

Fried Frog in a mini-pot also fiery hot with fresh red chillies. Sliced cucumber and carrots are added to this minipot. The hotness of this dish was reduced from 5 to 3.5 for the chilli to cater for our palate. Yet 3.5 is still pretty hot for all of us.

Sweet Corn Soup has clear broth with a mixed of corn kernels and egg white drops. It was tasty and refreshing.

Mini-pot with fried Chinese cabbage combined with sliced pork layered with fats and leans cooked with lots of diced dried red chilli and chilli oil both chilli hot and oily dish.

Sweet Rice Wine was served as a dessert. The rice wine has a low alcohol content. There were a combination of glutinous rice balls, osmanthus and wolfberries. The rice powder is rubbed by hands to become many tiny balls. Yeasts are added to the balls after steaming. The rice wine and osmanthus added fragrance to this dessert. The making of fermented glutinous rice dated as far back to the Shang Dynasty.

Spoilt by so many choices of dishes. A great experience tasting a variety of Shanghainese food at Xiang Man Lou Chinese Restaurant, Temple Street (Chinatown).

Thank you OpenRice Singapore for another yummy food tasting session.

OpenRice Singapore Food Tasting Session – Shanghainese Cuisine (Part One)

OpenRice Singapore Food Tasting Session - Shanghainese Cuisine (Part One)

Great experience to savour some of the most authentic Shanghainese and its neighbouring provinces dishes usually characterized by the use of heavy and highly flavoured sauces, distinctive style and taste at Xiang Man Lou Chinese Restaurant, Temple Street, Chinatown. The Shanghai Braised Pork Knuckle has strong and rich flavours in thick sauce. The pork fats, soy sauce and caramelized sugar are such a heavenly combination. Believed to be Chairman Mao’s favourite dish and also a bountiful collagen wonders for all ladies. Very addictive and the meat just melt in the mouth. The Bok Choy’s watery texture and mild flavour complemented the savoury seasonings of rich meat very well. One of the eight culinary traditions of China comes from Jiangsu cuisine with their high cutting techniques is this Squirrel-shaped Sweet & Sour Fish. The fish is covered with tasty sweet and sour sauce. The story goes far back as during Emperor Qianlong who was so appreciative of his Chef cooking skill that he raised the name of the dish to “Squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish”. No Shanghainese meal is complete without Sauteed Prawns dipped in Vinegar Sauce. The de shelled prawns were pinkish apricot in colour translucent and crunchy . This is one of the most sought after dish of the night because of the absence of fiery chillies. Drunken Chicken also another traditional Shanghai dish served cold as an Appetizer. The chicken meat was succulent and well marinated with special type of wine other than the normal cooking wine. The killer of the night was the Seasoned Dry Beef with Pepper. Sichuan cuisine is one of the four great Chinese cooking traditions and is known for being tongue numblingly spicy. This distinctive peppercorn ingredient though small spice literally numbed the tongue as we slowly bite along. It was a great experience to try this extremely fiery hot chiilied thinly sliced beef jerky dish. Every one of us were amazed with this unique tasting experience. Thanks to OpenRice Singapore for cordially invited me to attend this interesting food tasting session at Xiang Man Lou Chinese Restaurant, Temple Street, Chinatown.  Click for Part Two of the review.