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Yummy Kobe Steaks

Preparing Kobe steaks at home is cheaper. Kobe steak can be cooked the same manner as a regular steak and is especially good on the griller. Remember over cooking the steak will change not only the tender texture but also … Continue reading

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Szechuan Style Lamb

Introduction: Fortunate to have won this huge piece of lamb leg for Christmas. Thanks to Singapore Home Cooks (SHC) and Goldkiwi Asia Marketing Pte Ltd for this generous Pure South New Zealand lamb leg. Ingredients: Small portion Lamb Leg (sliced) … Continue reading

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Snackilicious – Chempedak

Introduction: Chempedak is the same specie as the Jackfruit. All parts of the Chempedak tree exude a white sap when cut. The fruit is somewhat smaller in size than Jackfruit and contains soft juicy and sweet flesh covering large seeds. … Continue reading

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Herbpathy with Alternanthere Sessilis

Introduction: Sessile Joyweed Alternanthera sessilis is an ascending herb with several spreading branches. Known for its medicinal importance of unclogging blood vessels. Ingredients: 1 packet approximately 400 to 500 grams 6 pieces preserved dates 2 litres water Method: Soak Alternanthere … Continue reading

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Crispy Beef Tripe

Introduction: Beef tripe meat are tough and required to be cooked slowly to tenderize the meat. There are four different chambers  of Beef Tripe: (1) Rumen (2) Reticulum (3) Omasum and (4) Abomasum. Flat tripe which is smooth, blanket and flat … Continue reading

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Introduction: Experience the authentic Korean charcoal BBQ dining experience at Seorae, Plaza Singapura. This is also the first Korean outlet to introduce Galmaegisal to their diners. Galmaegisal also known as “skirt meat” has the perfect combination of tenderness and juiciness yet … Continue reading

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Salting Watermelon Juice

Introduction: Do  you salting watermelon juice will enhance the flavour of the fruit by opening up the taste buds to the sweetness of the fruit. Ingredients: Half portion of Watermelon chunks 6 to 8 mint leaves Ice cubes Dash of … Continue reading

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