Herbpathy with Alternanthere Sessilis


Sessile Joyweed Alternanthera sessilis is an ascending herb with several spreading branches.


Known for its medicinal importance of unclogging blood vessels.



1 packet approximately 400 to 500 grams

6 pieces preserved dates

2 litres water


Soak Alternanthere Sessilis in a large basin to remove dirt.

Wash and soak a few times until the water becomes clear.

In an earthern pot, add the herbs and brown dates and water and bring to a high boil.

Leave it to simmer for an hour.

Serve the drink warm or lukewarm.

To be taken weekly or fortnightly.



Feedback given by friends that this is a good and powerful medication for unobstructing cardiovascular flow.

Taken regularly, blood pressure and blood sugar levels will improve.

Recommended to drink regularly for prevention of heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


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Lemongrass Drink with Aloe Vera Cubes


Beat the heat. No sweat way to cool off than a cold home made Lemon Aloe Vera Jelly cubes with Lemongrass drink.


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Preparing Lemongrass Drink


6 stalks lemongrass

Few pandan leaves (knotted)

1 – 2 slabs brown Sugar Cane (or to your desired sweetness)

(brown sugar cane provide a richer colour to the drink compared to normal rock sugar)



Remove the external layer of each lemongrass.

Wash and pound lightly each stalk with meat pounder.

In a medium size pot, add the lemongrass stalks, knotted pandan leaves and the raw sugar slab.

Add about 600 ml water and bring the ingredients to a boil about 20 minutes until fragrant.


Taste the flavour and adjust the water level or sugar content to your own taste bud.

Leave the pot to cool and refrigerate.

With a sieve, drain the residue and store the drink in a glass serving pitcher.

Cut the lemon Aloe Vera cubes and place them into individual glasses.

Pour the lemongrass drink and serve.

Lemongrass with Aloe Vera Jelly Cubes


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Brewed Drink – Sugar Cane and Mandarin Orange



As you usher the Chinese New Year, its time to brew herbal tea or some cooling drinks to get rid of our body inner heat.

An appropriate drink for both adults and children since its sweet and refreshing.

This is one of the common brewed drink I will normally prepare for my family during the festive seasons with all the irresistible snacks, fried food etc.

The ingredients of this drink comprises of sugar cane, mandarin orange, sweet dates, dried figs, arrowroot, carrot, rhizome imperatae and brown candy.

Ready packed and easy to prepare.


Add all ingredients to 1.5 to 2 litres of water and bring to a boil till seethe.

Then use slow fire and continue to boil for another 45 minutes.

These are the boiled ingredients.

The drink is ready to be served hot or cold.

A nice golden colour that will not drive the kiddies away.




Home brewed Herbal Tea


Its the time of the year when herbal tea are brewed often to cool down the body heat due to the countless snacks taken during the Lunar New Year.

Chinese herbal tea is a kind of typically black or dark brown tea soup that taste bitter or lightly sweet.

Different kinds of tea are purported to offer different remedies.

This is one of my family favourite Chinese herbal tea for all year round especially during Chinese New Year when we will indulge ourselves with lots and lots of goodies and snacks.

This herbal tea can be taken hot or cold.

Normally I would keep the balance of this drink in the refrigerator.


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Home Brewed Thirst Quenching Drink

Home Brewed Thirst Quenching Drink

Ingredients: 6 sticks Chinese bamboo sugar cane (chok cheh) approx. 6 inches each 8 water chestnuts 1 large carrot 2 stalks cilantro leaves 10 cups water 8 leaves of rhoeo tricolour leaves 1.1/2 pieces of Chinese Brown Sugar Bars Method: Wash and scrub the Chinese bamboo sugar cane. Cut each stick into thin slices length wise with a cleaver. Do not remove skin. Smash each bamboo sugar cane with the flat cleaver so as to extract juice during cooking process. Scrub the mud off the water chestnuts and trim both sides of each water chestnuts. Do not skin the water chestnuts. Skin and cut the carrot into wedges. Rinse the 2 stalks of cilantros leaves. Wash away all the soil from the roots. Do not chop the roots away. Leave the roots in tact. Clean rhoeo tricolour leaves and add together with the other ingredients. Add the Chinese brown sugar bars (sweetness depending on your taste bud). Put all the ingredients, cover the pot and bring to boil again. Allow it to boil for 10 minutes. Lower the heat, cover the pot and simmer for another 45 to 50 minutes. Drink the brew while it is still warm. The cook ingredients can be eaten.


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