Mini hand held food chopper




To prepare the buttered salted egg yolk crayfish, I use this mini hand held food chopper.

Not only is this mini handheld food chopper with three blades used to blend spices, it  is also good for blending small quantity of salted egg mixture.





Check out this link for the detailed preparation of the dish.








Pineapple Extractor

Prepping a pineapple has always been a pain  in the neck.

This gadget is so impressive and manageable.

There are different approached to peeling, digging the eyes etc.











Here’s a simple solution.

The Pineapple Extractor with the end result of a slinky spiral peeled fruit with a perfectly hollowed out shell which can be used to serve “Pineapple Rice”.



Here’s the recipe on how to prepare Pineapple Rice


New Kitchen Toy – AirFryer from Korea

New Kitchen Toy - AirFryer from Korea


Air fryer cooks food using rapid air circulation technology for healthier cooking

Cooks meat, vegetable and more with minimal oil or no oil

Simple usage with no mess from traditional frying

Includes safety features of auto shutdown when lid is opened


Dimensions: 420 (W) x 305 (D) x 280 (H)

Weight: 4.65kg

Power: AC 220V – 240V / 60Hz 1100W – 1300W

Cooks with rapid air circulation technology

Includes grill and pan

Timer function with sound alert when time is up

1 year warranty for manufacturing defects (Kept receipt as Proof of purchase)

Package includes:

Air fryer

Power cord (2 Round Pin)

User manual

Air fryer accessories:

Stainless steel rack

Non-stick pot.

Dish Tong / Handle

English Cooking guide

1 Year Warranty (Claim using Receipt)

Kitchen Aid – Philips Induction Cooker HD4911

Philip Induction Cooker HD4911

Adds life to your meals
Fast heating seals in nutrition
Nutrition is essential to good health. Philips induction cooker shortens cooking time by 1/3, and so better seals nutrients into the food. The induction cooker comes with a variety of cooking programs for healthy eating.

Induction cooking seals nutrition into food
Fast cooking better seals nutrition into food
2100W high power for faster cooking

Ideal for cooking a variety of healthy dishes
Cooking time settings
5 healthy cooking menus
5 power levels

Advanced panel design gives intuitive cooking
Sensitive sensor touch operational panel
Easy to read digital display
Full glass panel

Very safe to operate
A-grade glass panel is solid and durable
Cool to touch surface

Cooking time settings
1 to 120 mins cooking time settings.

2100W high power
Fast cooking with high power (2100w) to instantly seal nutrition

5 healthy cooking menus
5 healthy cooking menus featuring unique heating program.

Cool to touch surface
Cool to touch surface gives comfortable cooking.

Digital display
Easy to read digital display

Sensitive sensor touch operational panel

Design specifications
Materials of main body: Full glass panel – A grade
Height: 65 mm
Width: 280 mm
Depth: 350 mm
Color(s): Black
Weight (incl. packaging): 4 kg

General specifications
Fast cooking better seals nutrition into food
Auto-off program cooks food safely
More comfortable cooking without flame
Cool-to-touch surface cooks foods safely
24-hour timer setting
Touch sensor control panel

Technical specifications
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Wattage: 2100 W
Cord length: 1.2 m

Packaging dimensions (WxHxD): 332(W)X212(D)X392(H)
Set dimension (WxHxD): 280(W)×350(D)×65(H)