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Baby Bitter gourds with Eggs

Choose bitter gourds that are thick and nice and free from dents and bruises. Preferably chose those that are greenish yellow in color as they will not be too bitter. Remove both tips of the bitter gourd and cut into … Continue reading

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Winged Beans with Prawns

Introduction: Winged beans are versatile edible legumes with long, flat pods covered with frilly “wings” along the four edges. The beans generally recognized by their local names like “kacang botol” in Malaysia, “kecipir” in Indonesia. Best cooked with prawns and … Continue reading

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Tenderstem Broccoli

Introduction: These Tenderstem Broccoli so green with small florets has supple stem and sweet. A fusion of Broccoli and Chinese Kale. All you need is a good stir fry technique and adapt this method to most leafy vegetables available in … Continue reading

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Watercress Soup

Introduction: At times, I have second thoughts about cooking Watercress Soup. Why because some watercress are pretty bitter. Now that I have discovered Cameron Highlands produces crunchy and sweet watercress from their Watercress Valley. To make this Watercress Soup more … Continue reading

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Snaky Long Beans

Introduction: Beans are classified into four groups according to shape, growth characteristics, number of nodes after flowering, height of the plant, and shape of the plant stem. Ingredients: 15 snake beans 2 tablespoons minced garlic 2 tablespoons dried shrimps 2 … Continue reading

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Introduction: Recently I was introduced to this vegetable locally known as “Da Lao Po Cai” literally means “beat wife vegetable”. I thought the veggie seller was pulling my legs. The leaves are¬†crispy with tender leafy tops and lightly flavoured. Endive¬†requires … Continue reading

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Honey Beef With Kai Lan

Ingredients: 200g Yakiniku Panfry Beef 2 packets Kai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) 1 tablespoon minced garlic Sauce Preparation: 2 tablespoons Premium oyster sauce 1 tablespoon Superior Light Soy Sauce 2 tablespoons Cooking Honey 1 tablespoon corn starch 1/4 cup home prepared … Continue reading

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