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Dessertilicious – Pomelo Mango Dessert

Introduction: Embark my cooking experience on “30 Minutes Organic Meals” Thank you Alce Neo Singapore and Singapore Home Cook for giving me this opportunity. Come, join Singapore Home Cook to share your cooking experience. Pomelo a citrus fruit with … Continue reading

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Grass Jelly with Mango and Sago Dessert

Introduction: Grass jelly is a jiggly Asian dessert that has a shiny black or dark green appearance. It takes several hours of boiling the dried herb down into gelatinous and gummy substance. The mixture is strained and then kneaded with … Continue reading

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Mangolicious Desserts

Introduction: When you have excess mangoes at home, there will be more desserts served with this sweet, rich in pre-biotic dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and poly-phenolic flavonoid antioxidant compounds. Puree the mango slices in the blender. You don’t need to … Continue reading

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Mango Dessert with Pomelo and Sago

Introduction: A popular dessert from fresh ripe Mangoes. Ingredients: 2 huge fresh ripe Mangoes Small packet Sago Pearls Small Ripe Pomelo Method: Rinse sago pearl with tap water in a sieve till the water runs clear. Drain and pour into … Continue reading

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Mangolicious Salad

Introduction: What do you do when you have excess mangoes in the kitchen? Puree for mango lassie, mango pudding. My family favourite – Mango Salad The original sweetness of the mango added natural flavour to any salad dish. A lightly … Continue reading

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Mango Gold Ingots Jelly symbolizing Prosperity and Wealth (Chinese New Year)

Introduction: Gold Ingots orĀ  Sycee (Yuanbao) are symbols of Prosperity and Wealth. A currency first used as a medium of exchange as early as the Qing Dynasty until the 20th Century. These days, imitation gold sycees are used as a … Continue reading

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Mango Seafood Rolls with two choices of Dips

Introduction: Simple dish but the only challenge is how you wrap the seafood rolls and deep fry them. The three ingredients required for the seafood rolls are mangoes, fresh medium size prawns and a packet of cuttlefish paste. Ingredients: Two … Continue reading

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